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Boho homes and all you need to know if you own one.

Do we all have a bit of the boho spirit and soul in our homes no matter what is our declared decorating style ? Read on to find out more on this home decor style that never seems to go out of style.

'Bohemien' in France was used to denote the gypsy. Boho defines as - free spirit, independent, non conformist, eccentric, hippie, oddball, wild artist, adventurous lover of life and beauty.

In this context the bohemian decor is made famous and popular for its free spirited style and non conformist attitude. The unstructured and free flowing interiors comprises an eclectic mix of colours, patterns, styles and beauty that celebrates life. There are no rules for a true boho home. A house is made into a boho home with creativity and when it radiates love, warmth, and coziness and above all proudly exhibits the experiences and stories of its owners.


Since there are no rules, the best way to create your boho home is to buy only things that you love and reflects your thoughts and personality. Many a time we have seen people reside in homes that reflect another person or homes created to showcase a trending fad. A house is made a home when it speaks about the persons residing in it.

Though there are no rules for a boho home - there are certain elements which when collected and placed in a home gives it a boho feel.

1. Gallery Wall/Corner : Every home has a gallery wall irrespective of the style. A wall of collection of well loved objects, memories, treasures handed over through generations. A boho home will have macrame Wall Hangings, Boho Art / Paintings, Dream Catchers, collection of mirrors, frames etc. A gallery corner works just as well. Let your happy haphazard pile tell your stories.

2. Bringing your outdoors indoors - Having lots and lots of plants around the house. Limitless is the key word here. Living room, dining room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom - let no place be untouched by the fresh oxygen of a plant. And go the extra mile by adding interesting colours to your greens while creating your own tropical bohemian sanctuary. Those who believe they do not have the green thumb can do with faux plants as well to cheer the space up.

3. Layers, Textures and Patterns - Adding textures can be done in so many places - Sofa, Cushions, Carpets/ Rugs, Throws, Bedding, Shades etc. Using planters made of different materials adds to the textural feel as does having stacks of books around the house. The more the patterns, lesser the chances of monotony in a space. Layering rugs, beddings, sofas help add colour and patterns to the decor scheme.

4. Lighting - A home is defined by the vibe it resonates. As with every decor style lighting a very important role in a boho home as well. Fairy lights, String Lights, Candles, Warm Lights, Lanterns, Lamps, Funky Chandeliers - the more the variety the merrier the home is the theory here. Bring on those faded Christmas lights well ahead of Christmas.

5. Refurbished furniture , Creative DIY - Nothing is more satisfying than a furniture makeover. An ancestral hand-me-down painted over, changing handles / knobs, finding different and creative uses for old furniture - these are going to raise your dopamine levels and so what if you become an occasional oddball. Does a visit to your local thrift store give you joy beyond description ? Look no further for a boho spirit. Rugged, unfinished, distressed, and weathered - all belong to the bohemian family.

6. Earthy colours - It took us decades of designing interiors to understand that nothing can replace the colours of the earth for the comfort and coziness that every home aspires to achieve. While we see the boho home in a Scandinavian or minimalist setting, I personally prefer a dash of colour or even more of it in my home. How we bring in the colours - through accessories or as a theme by itself - is entirely upto us.

7. Comfortable Low Seating - A boho home is primarily a home that is inviting and cozy. Floor pillows, poufs, bean bags, soft ottomans add to the bohemian philosophy of sitting back - chilling and relaxing. Any space in your home that says come-on-in-and-stay-a while, is a boho space that promises long conversations that linger without the restrictions of time.

8. Blending Vintage with Modern and throwing in some hand made - Adding some vintage into your modern home gives it a unique boho vibe. Metallic ( read bronze, silver, gold ) accent pieces adds character to a room. If you are the artsy creative type of person proudly displaying your personal creations is the right way to implant your persona into your home.

9. Coloured Accent Pieces - A yellow chair, a turquoise door, sage green wall, burnt orange rug, emerald green armoire and there is no limit to that wonderful accent piece you can incorporate into your lovely boho home.

And finally

10 Awakening senses of sight, smell, sound, and touch and experience. When a visitor to your home naturally curls up and feels so comfortable you know you have a boho home. The sights enrapture your visitor and become conversation topics. The scents around the house are as important to ensure that your guests feel relaxed.( Scented candles essential oils, incense all do their part.) Music is another integral part of a warm and welcoming home. Textures add to the mood and your stories to the wonderful experience that is your life and home.

Macrame Hangings
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Your home might have all of this or some of this depending on whether you have decided to be the hippie oddball - in entirety or with subtlety. Whatever you choose to incorporate in your space - the right attention to details would render your boho infused home super chic.

Signing off with some super inviting home images that you can browse through for inspiration.

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