Students on cruise ship break three world records related to diversity

Students on cruise ship break three world records related to diversity

The world records were broken during a cruise by Erasmus Student Network Sweden from Stockholm to Tallinn.

Breaking one world record sounds like a tough task but a group of students on a cruise ship managed to break not one but three world records while they were on their way to Tallin in Estonia from Stockholm in Sweden.

Students belonging to the Erasmus Student Network Sweden (ESN) were on board the MS Baltic Queen for their annual cruise of the ESN Sea Battle. To celebrate the 30th edition of the cruise journey and to highlight the diversity of the student association, ESN decided to break three interesting world records that were centred around different nationalities.

The first record that the students broke was for “most nationalities at a coffee party”, which was broken by the participation of 75 different nationalities. This coffee party was based on Fika, a Swedish custom of indulging in hot beverages and pastry treats.

The second record involved a ‘most nationalities in a simultaneous popular music sing-along’. The record required synchronised singing for a full song and it was broken when 85 students from different nationalities sang ABBA’s hit ‘Gimme, Gimme, Gimme’.

The third and last record of the cruise ship was ‘the most nationalities at a dance party’ which was broken when a total of 84 nationalities took to the dance floor and moved to the beats of Swedish House Mafia.

Students on cruise ship break three world records related to diversity
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Talking about this interesting achievement, Alex Sedov, an event manager of the Erasmus Student Network Sweden, said, “Our world is full of wonders. I remember reading the Guinness World Records book when I was a kid and dreaming about how diverse and unique and beautiful the world around us is. Our goal was to bring together international students from all over the world and show them that when we all work together, nothing is impossible. I hope that this achievement will inspire modern youth to dream, dare and try, because no matter where we are from or who we are, we all live in the same boat called ‘Earth’, sailing into a brighter future based on unity, diversity, happiness and love.”

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