Kidnapped kidnaps you to a world of adventure and exotic locations.

Kidnapped kidnaps you to a world of adventure and exotic locations.

Kidnapped by Robert Louis Stevenson reviewed by Agatha Sharma of Grade 8A of Al Saad Indian School, Al Ain.

This book is a historical novel and an adventure fiction. The characters of this book are David Balfour, Ebenezer Balfour, Alexander Balfour, Elias Hoseason, Alan B Stewart and Mr. Campbell. It revolves around the central character of David of Scotland, a 17 year old orphan who has decided to seek his own fortune. His father Alexander Balfour had died recently, while his mother had passed away earlier.

David Balfour goes to live with his uncle - Ebenezer, who avoided David as he did not want to give him his inheritance. The uncle even tried to kill him as he plotted to send David to a stair-tower which was dark. As the days progressed David even heard rumours that Ebenezer had in fact killed his father.

Time passed and misgivings reconciled. David was excited to be invited for a tour of the covenant. He finds himself knocked unconscious and thus kidnapped. He found himself on a ship and learnt from the ship's crew that he was going to be sold to slavery in the Carolina Plantations. There he met Alan Breck Stewart who was a Jacobite. Hoseason found it treasonous and along with his men plotted against Stewart. David chose to take Alan's side. A fierce fight ensued and Hoseason agreed to take Alan to Linnhe Loch.

Alan was really impressed by David and gave him a button for his jacket which proved that they were friends. As they were moving on, the Covenant strikes a Greek ship and David was swept off to an island next to a nearby coast. He reached the shore and found traces of clues left by Alan who had somehow miraculously survived the wreck too. He faced many challenges and adventures while following the path left by Alan. He finally finds Alan and they escape. Alan repays David's friendship and support by formulating a plan to trick Ebenezer to confess about David's kidnapping. Ebenezer agrees to give two-thirds of the yearly income of the Shaws to David.

David and Alan part ways but they also realise that they would be lonely without each other after having survived and going through so many experiences together.

This book has adventure as its theme and is a book for readers who search for mystery, suspense and thrill in their books. I would highly recommend this book to all my friends and family and all those who are searching for a little zing in their Covid restricted life. After all, who would skip the chance to visit unknown places and experience adventures from the four walls of their house sitting on a cosy chair.

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