Airbnb hosts a power-packed panel ahead of International Women’s Day

Airbnb hosts a power-packed panel ahead of International Women’s Day

Actor Soha Ali Khan, musician Lisa Mishra, entrepreneur Kirti Poonia and host Kakoli discussed Airbnb’s efforts to promote women empowerment

Ahead of International Women’s Day on March 8, Airbnb today hosted a panel celebrating gender equity with actor Soha Ali Khan, singer and songwriter Lisa Mishra, entrepreneur Kirti Poonia and Airbnb host Kakoli discussing the societal, economic, cultural and intellectual contributions made by women in their respective fields.

Women constitute a large part of Airbnb’s community of hosts both in India and globally—in fact, more than half of the global community of hosts comprises women (possibly because many trust interactions with women while looking for a place to stay as opposed to a man). In a heartwarming instance of providing livelihood to senior citizens, Airbnb’s internal data states that women hosts over 60 years earned more than INR 200 million in India in 2022, and for many of them, hosting provides the essential income that aids in their retirement.

Airbnb hosts a power-packed panel ahead of International Women’s Day
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Soha Ali Khan, who was impressed with how Airbnb supports and promotes women’s empowerment, said, “I applaud Airbnb’s efforts in helping women in the hospitality industry embrace equity and take on roles that truly make them happy, whilst working towards an independent future.” Lisa Mishra credits Airbnb with providing her the opportunity to visit some of the world’s most striking destinations, but is doubly grateful for how it pushes her to interact with wonderful women along the way “that are avid travellers like me, as well as others who are building a new life by hosting on Airbnb and are embarking on their entrepreneurial journey.”

Kakoli, who has been a host in Delhi NCR and Pondicherry since 2013, echoes Mishra’s sentiment and is thankful to the vacation-sharing platform for taking a chance on her as a newbie. “I started my journey as a host on when I ventured into the world of hospitality knowing nothing about the intricacies of running a business. Airbnb has enabled me, and many more such women, to gain financial independence over the years, and establish a successful entrepreneurial venture.” Kirti Poonia, co-founder at Relove, a technology platform that helps brands with circularity, lauds Airbnb for promoting an entrepreneurial spirit among women, in turn empowering them to support other women around them. “I’ve been fortunate to witness the inspiring entrepreneurial spirit of women through my journey transitioning from a traditional management career to one in entrepreneurship and fashion. Through Airbnb, I have come across a lot of strong women who not only focus on their own growth but also nurture the growth of those around them,” she concluded.

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