A Leading Light on the Right Perspective

A Leading Light on the Right Perspective

The interactive session reflected upon how effectively the Grade 12 adolescents utilized the so called ‘difficult time’

Bhavans Kuwait took the initiative to have a stock taking session of the year gone by with parents and students of class 12 of the batch 2020-21. It was an informal webinar on the topic ‘Perspective matters’, a pleasant evening chat with the Hon. Chairman, Bhavans Middle East, Mr. N. K. Ramachandran Menon, a true visionary. The interactive session reflected upon how effectively the Grade 12 adolescents utilized the so called ‘difficult time’ and how they made a difference out of it. At times this year, when the COVID pandemic seems to have made the world’s compass at the lowest point, a compendious session like this on a serious perspective towards life became even more significant. The discussion commenced at 6 p.m. on a virtual platform. The Principal, Vice Principals, Heads of the Departments and the teachers, were part of the efficacious discussion.

A Leading Light on the Right Perspective
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The Hon. Chairman Mr. Ramchandran commenced the discussion with a simple question on how happy or unhappy each one of them was. Students expressed their deep concerns over the alarming situation faced by the world, constant fear, uncertainty of the Board examinations and the missing of good experiences in campus life. The Chairman addressed all the students, interacting with each one of them, listening patiently to their anxieties and reassuring them that the right perspective in life makes the impossible, possible. He emphasised on recollecting what one learnt, identifying opportunities, researching and exploring future options, utilizing time in a creative and positive manner and finding happiness in the little things. He also threw light into major challenges and realities one faces in life and urged them to strengthen themselves from within to adapt to difficult situations. He suggested that one must never hold onto the past or depend too much on the expectations about the future or fixed plans.

One must always expect the unexpected and adapt to the changing circumstances. He reassured them never to be upset or unhappy over things they do not have a control on. The whole world is facing the challenge hence students should realize that they are no exceptions. He reiterated that one must analyse, understand, and act according to the circumstances. He also emphasised the significance of retrospection and introspecting oneself, so that we can find happiness within ourselves. A few parents too spoke on how the pandemic time had a few benefits too, since they got so much time to spend with their kids, especially those in grade 12.

The session was an invigorating, inspiring and eye-opening session for everyone. When students and teachers went through their past one year, they could find their strengths and weaknesses. Students promised to reflect on their ideals and work towards improving themselves and find happiness in even the odds so that the next time they could all assure him that they were 100% happy and content. The session adjourned at 8.pm. and the audience bid farewell with a new perspective from a great visionary.

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