Festival: A Celebration of Childhood

Festival: A Celebration of Childhood

The students of IES Kuwait have much more to say.

Childhood is a celebration of life and festivals add colour to this most precious stage of human life. Children enjoy festivals more than adults. In our perception festivals to them mean decorations, sweets, gifts, games and lots of other celebrations. However, the students of IES Kuwait have much more to say. Read on to find out what festivals mean to our children.

Diwali – The Festival of Light

Festivals are one of the happiest moments of our life. They give us immense joy and keep us rooted to our culture and heritage and history of our nation. They also unites us, gives wonderful memories and reminds us about the importance of family and friends. My favourite festival is Diwali. During this festival we light lamps in front of our doors and light firecrackers and candles. We eat sweets and play together. Without festivals and celebrations, our life is a dull affair. So, life is a festival, and festival is life.
Festival: A Celebration of Childhood
No permission given for organising Sunburn festival yet: Goa govt

Festivals: A Binder

Celebrating festivals keep our culture, tradition and heritage alive. It keeps the golden bands of love and friendship together, gives us good memories, refreshes our minds and so on. Celebrating festivals are golden opportunities to get relief from our busy schedule of life and escape into wonderful memorable moments of togetherness, caring and sharing, learning new recipes and knowing our rituals and their importance. One of my favourite festival is Diwali, which I celebrate by lighting lamps, putting rangolis and bursting crackers. It reminds us of the victory of good over evil. I am very happy to celebrate Diwali or any other festival because our families, friends and neighbours come together to celebrate and we have a hearty feast, chit chats, exchange gifts and play a lot. Festivals to me always relate to happiness, love, sharing and celebrating be it Onam, Christmas or Eid. I do not see difference in colors, Gods, rituals or beliefs. All I know is that excitement and good memories are guaranteed and good values are taught for life during each festivity.
Devna S Lal Grade: 4

Festivals Keep Us Rooted

The importance of celebrating festivals is that they give us joy, memories and teach us something new. We can’t live without these colorful festivals because it teaches the importance of family and friends and unites us all. They keep us rooted to our culture, heritage and history. Diwali is my favorite festival. Because of the pandemic we could not be together and celebrate the most celebrated festival. But I’m grateful to God that we still could play with our family at home. We all remember these wonderful moments. We will never forget these days. We all are praying to God and are waiting for the time to come when we all can rejoice and celebrate our favorite festivals together. Till then let’s stay safe!

Festivals: Excitement Galore!

Festivals are a part of our life. They bring joy and excitement in our life. They teach us the importance of family and friends. They keep us close to our culture and heritage. They remind us of our old memories and bring us together. My favourite festival is Deepavali, but during this pandemic I couldn’t meet my cousins and celebrate this colourful festival with them last year. I’m ardently praying that this Diwali I can celebrate it with my cousins and friends. I hope that the pandemic ends soon so that I can make some new memories!
Pranvi Lakshmisha Kumar Grade 4

Festivals Create Memories

We celebrate all festivals because it brings a lot of joy among all the members of the family. People have been celebrating festivals since time immemorial. Festivals have always given people an opportunity to feel free from the monotony of everyday life. India is a land of Festivals. Every festival here is a social gathering of people who belong to different religion. Now due to pandemic we can’t have a party with our friends and also can’t go to India to celebrate festival with our grandparents.I hope next year , we all will be able to celebrate all our festivals with our loved ones . My favourite festival is Diwali because it brings joyful moments and also creates memories.
K.V Nivitha Shri 4G

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