Bhavans IES Celebrates National Mathematics Day

Bhavans IES Celebrates National Mathematics Day

The students presented a skit depicting the significance of Mathematics in one’s daily life.

To commemorate the 134th birth anniversary of the legendary Indian Mathematician, Sri Srinivasa Ramanujan, Bhavans Indian Education School, Kuwait, under the aegis of the Department of Mathematics, celebrated National Mathematics Day on December 22, 2021. The event was solemnized to acknowledge Ramanujan’s mathematical works, spread awareness about the importance of Mathematics in every walk of life and inspire the younger generation to pursue Mathematics without fear.

The proceedings of the day started with the recitation of a few verses from the Holy Quran by Sahal Ansal of 11A and shloka recitation on the values of education by Akshitha Rajesh of 8E. Issa Rosh Grace, Minister of Cultural Affairs, Student Parliament, IES, welcomed the Chief Guest, Dr. T.P Sasikumar, former Scientist at Space Department, Educationalist, Motivator, Writer, Public Speaker, and LIFE Mentor at Shiksha Jnaanam, Mr. N.K Ramachandran Menon, Chairman, Bhavans Middle East, Mr. T. Premkumar, Principal, IES, Vice Principals, and the teachers of IES.

The Chief Guest, Dr. T.P Sasikumar, in his address mentioned the importance of Mathematics not just as a subject but as a language of the universe. He talked about the enormous contributions of Ramanujan to the fields of Physics and Space Science. He said that International Mathematics Day, which is celebrated on March 14, is also known as Pi Day.

The mathematical genius, Sri Srinivasa Ramanujan, was honoured and remembered on the online premises of IES through various activities on his birth anniversary. The students prepared and displayed posters, paintings, and bookmarks that represented various mathematical equations of Ramanujan. The tiny tots of IES reminded the audience about the substantial contributions made by eminent mathematicians like Aryabhata, Albert Einstein, Archimedes and Shakuntala Devi by staging various dramatic monologues. The students presented a skit depicting the significance of Mathematics in one’s daily life. Through a video presentation, the students also highlighted the utility of Mathematics beyond the classroom. The role of Mathematics in the field of medicine, architecture, agriculture, pharmacy, entertainment, tourism and even in the minuteness of nature’s fabric was presented proficiently by the budding mathematicians of IES.

Around 500 students had participated in the preliminary round of the Ramanujan Quiz which had been conducted on December 16, 2021. In the final round of ‘Ramanujan Quiz’, Esha Ahamed (5D), Sukruti K Gowda (6C), Abhigyan R Gupta (6F), Daniel Rino (7D), Dhyan Harikumar (8E), Ved Valani (8B), Akshitha Rajesh (8E), Riddhiraj Kumar (9B), Fida Ancy (9A) and Syed Kalam (11B) became the winners. Mr. T Premkumar, Principal, extolled the winners and thanked Dr. T.P Sasikumar for his valuable presence throughout the event.

Bhavans IES Celebrates National Mathematics Day
National Mathematics Day at Bhavans SIS

In his closing thoughts, Dr T.P. Sasikumar appreciated the efforts of the school for making the day an indelible one. He delineated that what children do outside the classroom is more important than what they do inside. He told the students to use the unique mantra ‘Learn in Full Enjoyment’ in whatever they do to be successful in life.

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