Colours and Celebrations at IES Kindergarten

Colours and Celebrations at IES Kindergarten

The children were introduced to different colours throughout the week by celebrating each day as a specific colour day.

Early Childhood is the most colourful stage of life. So, we must create a world of vivid hues and shades for our little ones. A very important part of childhood is recognition and identification of colours. Early identification of colours helps to create the cognitive link between visual clues and words.

After the exciting first days at IES, the Kindergartners had fun filled colour days starting with primary colours followed by secondary colours. Thus, extending the first days of excitement to the rest of the week.

The children were introduced to different colours throughout the week by celebrating each day as a specific colour day. Celebrating colour days is great to accentuate the importance of each colour in the minds of the children and help them to learn different things associated with colours.Children were engaged in day wise activities which included colouring, craftwork, storytelling, rhyme time and games. They were shown informative videos on colours.

On day 1, Red Colour Day, the children painted strawberry wrist bands with their tiny little fingers. On Day 2, they explored blue colour and painted paper plate fish with blue colour. Day 3 was Yellow Day. Children coloured yellow sunflowers and made sunflower head bands. Day 4 was Green Day. Children coloured a green frog. The whole week was very exciting for the kids as they explored different colours each day with lots of fun filled activities. Last day of the week was the most interesting as they got to colour their very own rainbows with all the different colours.

To reinforce the colour theme, all the kindergarten teachers along with the Headmistress, came dressed in the respective colour of the day which made the experience even more involving and fun filled. Principal Mr. T. Premkumar visited the kindergarten and interacted with them. Children proudly flaunted their dresses and artwork.

Story telling with puppets was something the children enjoyed and loved the most. Their bright twinkling eyes lit up every time a new character was introduced to them. The children also enjoyed finger painting and loved playing with colours. As per the feedback from the parents, the little ones were very happy with the activities and treasured their artwork as souvenirs. A few parents clicked pictures of the happy faces of their little ones in their headbands.

The colourful week concluded on Thursday April 14, 2022. Our children are surely looking forward to more fun and learning in the coming weeks as well. At IES kindergarten, every week is a celebration and there are many exciting activities awaiting our little ones.

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