Earth Day Celebrations at Bhavans IES

Earth Day Celebrations at Bhavans IES

An exclusive online seminar on ‘Save Soil’ was presented by an NGO, Conscious Planet

The Indian Education School, Kuwait commemorated the ‘Earth Day’ on 21 April 2022 under the aegis of the Departments of Science and Arts with this year’s theme ‘Invest in our Planet’ to sensitize the young Bhavanites to take up the partnership and promote communal harmony in preserving and conserving our Mother Earth for a better tomorrow.

The formal function kicked off at 8.00 am with a prayer followed by the lighting of the ceremonial lamp by the Principal Mr. T Premkumar, the Vice Principals, Ms. Meenakshi Nayyar and Mr. Binoy Mathew and the Heads of the Department of Science, Ms. Deepasree T.C and Ms. Sindhu Ashok. An exclusive online seminar on ‘Save Soil’ was presented by an NGO, Conscious Planet launched by visionary mystic Sadhguru, marked the beginning of the day’s celebration. C.A Sooraj Ramachandran, the Vice Chairman, Bhavans Middle East has been the driving force to arrange the online seminar of such a magnitude across the Bhavans Schools in the Middle East with the noble gesture of providing an insight into the existing soil crisis and acquainting them with ways to address the issue to make the earth a better place to live in.

Besides the informative webinar, a plethora of enriching and engaging activities were organised to encourage students to display their artistic acumen and scientific temper in their mission to save mother earth. Melby Biji and Ruth Mariam Thomas of 8G, explained the step-by step method of making ‘Eco-bricks’ to the students. Aditya Arun Kartha and Ruth Cherian, the emcees of the day, invited the Vice Principal (Senior Wing) Ms. Meenakshi Nayyar to receive the first ecobrick made by the Eco Club. T-Shirt Paintings and Posters created by the talented students of grades 5, 6, and 9 respectively added hues to the celebration since they used them as a medium to display their unstoppable courage to preserve and protect our Earth. The ‘Open Canvas’ depicting the harmful effects of pollution and human encroachment on nature provided the students of grades 7,8, & 9 with a platform to not only flaunt their creative skills but also to explore and express their views on major environmental issues. Still models sculpted under the guidance of Mr. M. Prasanthan, Art instructor, titled ‘Human Activities and Environmental Degradation’ were exhibited essentially to provide an environment for interactive student engagement. The zest and zeal manifested by the students, Akshita Rajesh, Emley Elizabeth Mathew, Abigail Lisa Abraham, Hanna Elizabeth George, Manha Anees Shina, and Malavika Happey of grade 9 and Daya Vinil and Varsha Mary Jacob of grade 8, in delineating the theme of the exhibits won the wholehearted appreciation of everyone. The entire school reverberated with the thought-provoking displays that served as a revelation for their fellow students to gear up as saviors of mother earth.

Earth Day Celebrations at Bhavans IES
IES Kindergarten Day-2022

The primary wing at Bhavans is always a part of any celebration and Earth Day was no exception to it. The Department of Science (Primary) hosted thematic activities for grades 1-4. The short speeches delivered by the tiny tots of grade 1 reinforcing the importance of Earth Day with fabulous handmade crowns adorning their heads like Prince or Princess were indeed a delightful sight to behold. The ‘Superheroes’ of grade 2 expressed brilliantly their opinions on how small gestures of kindness towards mother nature can make a stark difference in our everyday life. Besides this, the unique user-friendly things, the lovely handicrafts of grades 3 and 4 made from ‘Best out of Waste’ stood testimony to their creative hands and innovative minds.The Principal, Mr. T. Premkumar extolled the students and teachers of the Science, Art, and Social Science departments for their well-exhibited synergy and teamwork in making the day an eventful one. The Vice Principal (Senior Wing) Ms. Meenakshi Nayyar, Vice Principal (Middle Wing), Mr. Binoy Mathew and the Headmistress Ms. Muneera Mammikutty lauded the efforts of all the students and the teachers for making the ‘Earth Day’ celebration a meaningful one.

Thus, the Earth Day celebration at IES witnessed the eco-friendliness of the entire Bhavans family by rekindling and igniting the young minds to collectively partake in environmentally conscious practices and make a difference by continuing to save, love and respect Mother Nature with all their hearts and souls.

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