IES Commemorated National Nutrition Week 2022

IES Commemorated National Nutrition Week 2022

The theme for the eventful week was ‘Celebrate a World of Flavours’.

A balanced diet is a candy in each hand. Children require adequate nutrition for their physical and mental well-being. Giving cardinal priority to the objectives of national interest and spreading general awareness about the importance of nutrition, the primary wing of Indian Education School observed National Nutrition Week from September 1st to September 7th 2022, under the aegis of the Department of Science.

The resourceful teachers of science discussed at length the importance of nutrition in our diet with an aim to inculcate healthy eating habits in the young minds. Various activities to ensure active participation of the children were conducted. The theme for the eventful week was ‘Celebrate a World of Flavours’. The students of grade 1 prepared delicious fruit salad parfait, students of grade 2 made refreshing and mouth-watering fruit salads, students of grade 3 created artistic work from fruits and vegetables and the students of the grade 4 displayed their salads in the shape of toy trains. They delivered eloquent speeches on the importance of eating healthy food.

IES Commemorated National Nutrition Week 2022

The colourful displays of the salads were a feast for the eyes. Through the creative activities, children also learned the importance of teamwork and sharing food with their friends. The epoch-making week significantly changed the students’ diet plans as the teachers observed the children bringing nutritional food during the breaks. The management lauded the efforts taken by the teachers for inculcating healthy eating habits in students.

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