The main agenda of the session was to encourage and expand innovative and creative thinking among the budding storytellers

In connection with the Al Saad English Literature Fest, in partnership with Magrusdy’s scheduled on October 22, Bhavans Al Saad Indian School, Al Ain in association with TMG Children Magazine- Publishers of MEKIDS and YOUNGEST, organized a WRITATHON for students of Grades IV to IX and XI on Thursday, October 20, 2022. The event kicked off with a discussion led by Mr. Rakesh George, Publisher, TMG Children Magazine wherein he emphasized on how writing restores one’s cognitive health. The main agenda of the session was to encourage and expand innovative and creative thinking among the budding storytellers, offering the opportunity to express unique thoughts through creative writing.

With the aim of promoting wider reading and literacy, and to encourage young people to express themselves through the written word, the students of grades 4 to 7, were given the topic, ‘A Trip to the Titanic Wreck’ and the students had to build up their writing piece around that concept. They came up with compelling coherent short stories containing well-organized features, characters, dialogues and wrote beautiful reflective pieces which were original and self-expressive. The stories seemed to reveal the whole gamut of human emotions.

The speaker of the day shifted his focus from Creative writing to Critical writing while addressing the students of grades 8, 9 & 11.” Critical writing is all about developing an argument or point of view on the topic. Support the argument with reasons, examples and credible information and the Critical Voice must be more precise and less descriptive.”, said Mr. Rakesh while sharing the debate topic – “ What’s the future of humanity: Technology or Human being.” Altogether, the Writathon conveyed a message to the students that everything they feel or say about a theme is worthwhile, thus favouring self-expression. Indeed, their thoughts and feelings were bolstered by their creative minds, keen observations that ultimately translate to writing skill.

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