Collaborative Learning: Session 3

Collaborative Learning: Session 3

The Saga of Pragmatic Learning Continues, between Indian Education School, Kuwait and Unicent School, Hyderabad

As the educational landscape evolves, the world needs to rethink its teaching models and practices. For a more cohesive approach to learning, what is required is a partnership between the key stakeholders: learners, educators, and parents. To widen the horizons of holistic learning and development of students, Indian Education School, under the aegis of the Department of Social Science, joined for the third session of the Collaborative Learning Program on the topic ‘Enliven with Fauna’ with Unicent School, Kompally, Hyderabad. The program offered a truly connected and engaging experience for learners and teachers alike.

The program was held on November 9, 2022, Wednesday on Zoom Platform from 10:00 a.m. -11.00 a.m. The Vice Principals of Indian Education School, Ms. Anselma Tessy, Ms. Meenakshi Nayyar, Mr. Binoy Mathew and the Head of the Department of Social Science Ms. Hajira Bhanu, graced the occasion with their presence. The selected students from grade 9 represented IES in the program. The students of grade 9 were the audience for the program.

Ms. Anusheela, the coordinator of Unicent School started off the event with a formal introduction. The program started off with the soulful rendition of a Shloka. The students of Unicent School presented the topic ‘Enliven with Fauna’ followed by an interactive session between the schools on the conservation of wildlife and their action plan at their school level to create awareness.

The highlight of the presentation included biodiversity, focusing on fauna, natural and human causes of destruction of fauna across the globe and the gradual impact that affects the generations to come. The different strategies and the adaptations taken by the five different countries India, Kuwait, USA, South Africa, and Australia for conserving wildlife were discussed in detail. The techniques to enable the survival of endangered flora in India, by protecting them from destructive forces and a graphical representation and interpretation of the exotic and endemic and endangered species, impact of the extinction of ecosystem gave a deeper idea to the students about the need to conserve the flora and fauna. The flyers and poster making on ‘Endangered Species’ were taken by the students with immense zeal.

Ms. Anselma Tessy, the Vice Principal of Indian Education School, appreciated the students for their wonderful effort for their flawless presentation and research work. She emphasized the importance of the ecosystem and the impact of loss of biodiversity on the earth. She also appreciated the students for using ICT in the right way for their presentations. Mr. Binoy Mathew, the Vice Principal of Middle Wing, appreciated the students of Unicent school for their elucidative presentation.

Collaborative Learning: Session 3
Bhavans IES dancers set the stage on fire and emerged victorious

Ms. Suvarchala from Unicent School commended the students of Indian Education School. She applauded the efforts taken by the school for sensitizing the students on environmental issues, for having an Eco Club, Eco Brick making program, and a section on Environment in ‘Tejas’, the school magazine of IES, Kuwait. Suganth and Saibrinda Bandari from Unicent School were the emcees of the day. Lakshmi Sarayu from Unicent School proposed the vote of thanks. The session enabled the Bhavanites to redefine and formulate certain innovative strategies for preserving wildlife in the regions.

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