9th Bhavans Middle East Principals’ Conference ‘DEEKSHA’ 2023

9th Bhavans Middle East Principals’ Conference ‘DEEKSHA’ 2023

The conference titled aptly as ‘Deeksha’ prompted the participants with its aesthetic sense of the meaning - flowing of knowledge from Guru to his disciples.

Bhavans Smart Indian School, Kuwait  hosted the joint meeting with seven premier schools  under the umbrella  ‘Bhavans’  at Middle East level on 17th and 18th  February 2023.  

Opening the conference, the founder and Chairman N. K. Ramachandran Menon in his inaugural session began with the highlight of the roles and responsibilities of the Senior Leadership Team in realizing the objectives of the conference and making schools future ready. The Vice Chairman C A Sooraj Ramachandran chaired the meeting with his innovative style of leading, linking and learning methodologies that Bhavans should exhibit while transacting the curriculum in an appropriate, effective and timely manner.  Director C A Divya Ramachandran said, “ we are looking at how we can take the best of what we do already and ensure every student and every staff has access to the same opportunities  no matter where they are in Bhavans”. Under the directives of this wise trio, Bhavans Middle East schools continue making new histories and leaps in the field of education. The conference titled aptly as ‘Deeksha’ prompted the participants with its aesthetic sense of the meaning - flowing of knowledge from Guru to his disciples.  

The distinguished group of Principals consisting of Mr. Prem Kumar, Principal Indian Education School, Kuwait; Mr. Saji Jacob Principal, Bahrain Indian School, Bahrain; Mr. Suresh V Balakrishnan, Principal, Private International English School, Abu Dhabi; Mr. Mahesh Iyer, Principal, Bhavans Smart Indian School, Kuwait; Dr. Bhavana Gupta, Principal, Al Saad Indian School, Al Ain; Mr. Nanda Kumar, Principal Bhavans Pearl Wisdom School, Al Ain and Mrs. Jaemi Byju Principal, Pearl Wisdom School, Dubai participated in the two day’s conference. 

The Vice Principals Mrs. Meenakshi Nayyar, Mr. Binoy Mathew and the headmistress Mrs. Muneera Mammi Kutty from the Indian Education School, Kuwait and Ms. Albin Daisy, Vice Principal, Mr. Santhosh and Mrs. Thushara Sanjeev the Academic Coordinators from Smart Indian School, Kuwait were among the attendees  while other Middle East  School Vice Principals and  headmistresses Dr. Preet Kamal, Mr. Thomas Francis, Ms. Vanitha Walter, Ms. Padmaja Menon, Ms. Mini Ramesh who also attended the conference virtually. 

The conference threw more light on the best unique practices in curriculum, pedagogy, school leadership, use of technology etc. which were shared by each Principal in their own style.  The key pillars of the academic development strategy was another highlight of the conference which shed light on the developments in terms of scientific and technical growth. Analyzing the current reality and a way forward by setting up a road map to focus on the core purpose of leading, learning and teaching was another feather added to the crowning of the conference’s glory.  

“Hues” the Bhavans Middle East journal was released by the Chairman on this occasion. Thus, the illustrious Principals’ meet provided the strongest unified voice for the Senior Leadership Team members of Bhavans in the Middle East. It provided a comprehensive professional learning experience designed to help everyone to level up the leadership. 

The Principal of the host school Mr. Mahesh Iyer presented an exceptional gesture of thanks by providing each Principal a portray of all Principals’ caricatures along with the management team in a collage which was a noteworthy contribution to its members.  

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