Bhavans IES Pays Tribute to Women with Gratitude

Bhavans IES Pays Tribute to Women with Gratitude

He extended his greetings to the mothers of the of parent community and to the female staff of IES family.

Bhavans has always been a pioneer in introducing innovative trends in the field of education, with all the sublime noble values enshrined in its constitution right from its inception. The student council of Indian Education School, Kuwait under the aegis of the Senior Leadership Team celebrated the International Women’s Day on March 8, 2023, for the students of grades 10 and 12 to raise awareness of gender equality and to celebrate the successful history of women across the globe.

The eventful day commenced on a high note with greetings on the special occasion. Mr. T. Premkumar, the Principal of IES delivered a speech in the morning assembly enlightening the students on the relevance of the International Women’s Day. In his speech he lauded the innumerable accomplishments and the undaunted spirit exhibited by the women to carve a niche for themselves in almost all spheres of life, fighting all odds. He extended his greetings to the mothers of the of parent community and to the female staff of IES family.

The members of the student parliament consisting of Zara Imtiyaz Mahadiwala, the Vice President (Girls) Abhipsa Panda, Minister of Cultural Affairs (Girls), Manha Anees Shina, Minister of Information, Akshitha Rajesh, Minister of Cultural Affairs, Anaswara Prasad Sreyas, Minister of Sports. Anavadya Nisha, Satya House Captain-, Anjana Binesh Seva House Captain, and Janice Silu Santosh, Tapas House Captain presented an informative session on the much-celebrated women around the world. Zara Imtiyaz Mahadiwala the Vice President (Girls) and Abhipsa Panda Minster of Cutural Affairs (Girls)extended a warm welcome to the audience highlighting the importance of the day. The impressive PowerPoint presentation by the student council showcasing the saga of the success of iconic women included Indian women personalities like Tessy Thomas, Anandi Bai Gopalrao Joshi, Cornelia Sorabji to our present-day President Droupadi Murmur to the women across the globe to name a few, Fatima al Fihriya, Lisa Meintner, Alice Walker etc. This informative presentation expounded the students to express their views on the importance of women empowerment. As the auditorium resonated with this beautiful odyssey capturing the spectacular moments of these legendary personalities it infused a spark of sensitivity in the young minds to hold women with respect and honour them for their invaluable contributions to humanity. The most genuine expression of a Bhavanite in looking up to his mother as a source of inspiration and motivation made everyone quite emotional and reflect on what their mothers mean to them. Further, the zest and zeal exhibited by the girls in writing down a bucket list of their dreams and aspirations undoubtedly stands testimony to the maxim ‘nothing can hold back the girls from achieving what they desire’,

Mr. T. Premkumar, Principal, IES, in his address, appreciated the well-coordinated efforts and the initiative of the student council in making the celebration a memorable one. He further urged the students to reflect on the unconditional love of their mothers and be grateful to them for bringing them into this world. He also cited examples of women from different spheres of life and spoke volumes of their deftness and their acumen which has made them stand out from the rest. He applauded the ceaseless efforts of the present-day women for walking an extra mile and leaving no stone unturned.

Bhavans IES Pays Tribute to Women with Gratitude
Parent Orientation Programme at Bhavans IES

The event was graced by the Vice Principals Mrs. Meenakshi Nayyar, Mr. Binoy Mathew, and the Headmistress Ms. Muneera Mammikutty. The emcees of the day were Zara Imtiyaz Mahadiwala, Vice President (Girls) and Abhipsa Panda, Minister of Cultural Affairs (Girls), The vote of thanks was proposed by Zara Imtiyaz Mahadiwala and Abhipsa Panda. The event was well coordinated by the Grade 12 Class Coordinator, Ms. Aluiska Lawrence.

The observance of International Women’s Day not only created an awareness in the Bhavanites towards gender equality but also made them hold one another with respect and take pride in being responsible citizens to build a better world for a better tomorrow.

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