The 10th Annual Spectacle of Sport-
A Triumph of Unity and Athletic Prowess @ASIS

The 10th Annual Spectacle of Sport- A Triumph of Unity and Athletic Prowess @ASIS

The torch culminated in the grand moment when the Sports Vice Captain, Bharathi Das, illuminated the ceremonial torch in the arena.

On the splendid morning of October 26, 2023, the hallowed grounds of the Al Ain Sports Club for People of Determination bore witness to a resplendent gathering. It was the 10th Annual Athletic Meet, a regal affair organized by Bhavans Al Saad Indian School, Al Ain. With the esteemed Chief Guest Mr. Rinor Behluli, the illustrious Judo National Champion from Kosovo, presently serving in the UAE Army, and the distinguished presence of the Guest of Honour, Dr. Shahul Hameed, Fitness Trainer for the UAE Presidential Guard, the event was set to be an embodiment of sportsmanship. The distinguished trio of Director of Bhavans Middle East, CA Divya Rajesh Ramachandran, Director of Bhavans Kuwait, Mr. Krishnadas Menon, Principal, Dr. Bhavna Gupta and Vice Principal, Mr. Thomas Francis graced the occasion, their presence adding an aura of grandeur.

The 10th Annual Spectacle of Sport-
A Triumph of Unity and Athletic Prowess @ASIS
Honouring the CBSE Grade 12 Toppers of Al Saad Indian School, Al Ain

The day commenced with the harmonious recitation of the Quran by Anum Omeir of grade X, followed by the stirring notes of the UAE National Anthem, filling the air with patriotic fervour. A melodious Prayer song that followed united hearts in anticipation. Eventually, the march past showcased by the four houses and the KG section, a ballet of discipline, commenced with a symphony of unity that stirred the souls of all present. This mesmerizing procession was led by none other than our distinguished School Head Boy, Anjaney Baiju, and Head Girl, Fathima Narmin, who commanded with grace and poise. Following closely were the unswerving Sports Captain, Abdiel Jeffrin, and Vice-Captain, Bharathi Das. These torchbearers of leadership embodied the very essence of unity in diversity. At this pivotal juncture, the distinguished Chief Guest, Mr. Rinor Behluli, received the salute from these young leaders. The gesture was a testament to their profound respect for the ethos of sportsmanship, an ethos that transcends generations.

Subsequently, the vibrant members of our illustrious Satya, Santhi, Sradha, and Subham houses, each under the unwavering guidance of their House Captains and Vice-Captains, graced the arena. Satya house members, led by House Captain Sayan Mathew of Grade 9B and Vice-Captain Adeena Azhar of Grade 8A, made a splendid entry. The Shanthi house members, under the leadership of House Captain Aditi Abhilash of Grade 9A and Vice-Captain Radhika Sreekumar of Grade 8A, followed suit. The march continued with Shradha House, led by the House Captain Abhiram Krishna of Grade 9B and Vice-Captain Gayathri Biju of Grade 8A, and Subham House, led by House Captain, Joseph Jose of Grade 9B and Vice-Captain, Nada Nehrin of Grade 7A.

Before we embarked on the day's captivating events, a solemn moment was observed—the Oath Taking ceremony which symbolized the commitment to fair play, respect, and unity. Sports Captain Abdiel Jeffrin held the flags aloft, signifying the unity that would persist throughout the games. The beacon of the instituition, Principal, Dr. Bhavna Gupta administered the oath, uniting all athletes in this solemn moment. Following the oath we had the Olympic torch run, an emblem of undying spirit, knowledge, and life, representing the eternal transfer of inspiration from one generation to the next. This symbolic representation was orchestrated by the Bhavanites, under the able guidance of Mr. Vinod, Head of the Department of Physical Education, and the other PE instructors, Ms. Bijila and Ms. Jessia.

The esteemed Chief Guest then passed on the torch to the indefatigable Sports Captain, Abdiel Jeffrin. As the symbolic torch journeyed through the hands of champions, it carried the legacy of last year's victories. It was handed over to Adnan Ayoob and Malvina, the individual champions of C2. Followed by Mahadevan Jayaghosh and Krishnapriya P. Vinod, the individual champions of C3, then Pranjal Kumar and Hannah Sarah Paul, the individual champions of C4. Malavika K, the individual champion of C5, then received the torch. Finally, the torch culminated in the grand moment when the Sports Vice Captain, Bharathi Das, illuminated the ceremonial torch in the arena.

Vice Principal, Mr. Thomas Francis graced the gathering with a warm welcome and an introduction to our esteemed Chief Guest. Mr. Rinor Behluli, a personality of immense stature, regaled the athletes with his inaugural address, officially declaring the Athletic Meet open. The Director of Bhavans Middle East, CA Divya Rajesh Ramachandran, while addressing the gathering, underscored the significance of sportsmanship and highlighted how the fortuitous drizzle, as provided by nature, offered a cooling respite. This weather blessing, she noted, had the effect of ameliorating the temperature, ensuring that it did not impede the athletes' stellar performances. She also emphasized that participation and the determination to exhibit one's utmost abilities were the paramount virtues. Principal, Dr. Bhavna Gupta, shared her wishes with the wonderful athletes, quoting Paulo Coelho to underline the significance of desire and determination.

Following the inspirational addresses, the audience was treated to an energetic aerobic performance by the students of the KG section. Subsequently, a visual feast unfolded in the form of a spirited competition featuring aerobic performances from the four houses, each striving to capture valuable points. The event continued with a mesmerizing yoga display, blending strength and serenity, presented by the students of Grade 8A and 7A.

As the day progressed, athletes from different grades showcased their talents and determination in various events. These included sprint races, hurdle jumps, and relay races, each marked by fierce competition and a spirit of unity and healthy rivalry. The spirit exhibited during relay events vividly depicted the house spirit, adding an aura of excitement to the proceedings.

In the spirit of recognition, individual champions from various categories were announced, and the points earned by each house were tabulated. The results celebrated not only athletic prowess but also the values of unity, discipline, and sportsmanship. The 10th Annual Athletic Meet was thus a resounding success, a day that celebrated not just athletic excellence but also the ideals of unity, discipline, and sportsmanship. It showcased the dedication and talent of the students of Al Saad Indian School, leaving everyone inspired and eager for the years to come.

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