Mannat was 1st offered to me, dad said 'What'll you do in such big house': Salman

Mannat was 1st offered to me, dad said 'What'll you do in such big house': Salman

Salman Khan said he once declined an offer to buy Mannat, actor Shah Rukh Khan's Mumbai mansion.

Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan often give each other a shoutout in interviews and on social media. Recently, Shah Rukh also hinted that Salman might be a part of a song in his upcoming film, Pathaan, and said that working with him was a ‘brotherly experience’. In a recent interview, Salman spoke about Shah Rukh’s one thing, which he wished he had – his Mumbai mansion, Mannat, which Salman said was first offered to him, but he declined.

Mannat was 1st offered to me, dad said 'What'll you do in such big house': Salman
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Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan have made cameos in each other's films, and even co-starred in the 1995 film Karan Arjun. As per reports the actors could soon star in a thriller by filmmaker Aditya Chopra. Salman and Shah Rukh Khan share a close friendship, but there was a phase, some years ago, when they were not on talking terms after they got into a fight at actor Katrina Kaif’s birthday party in 2008.

When Salman was asked about the one thing that Shah Rukh Khan had, which he wished he had, the actor said in an interview to journalist Faridoon Shahryar: "That bungalow of his (Mannat). But it had come me first, when I had just started off. My dad (film producer and script writer Salim Khan) said itne bade ghar mein tum karoge kya (what will you do in such a big house). I want to ask Shah Rukh, itne bade ghar mein karta kya hai tu (what does he do in such a big house).”

Located in Mumbai’s Bandra, Mannat is home to Shah Rukh, wife and interior designer Gauri Khan and their three children – Aryan Khan, Suhana Khan and AbRam Khan. The six-storey mansion has been designed by Gauri and is one of the most iconic celebrity homes in Bollywood. It features luxurious amenities as well as art collectibles and family memorabilia and is reportedly valued at approximately ₹200 crore.

In recent years, both Salman and Shah Rukh have opened up about their long bond with each other. Earlier in June, Shah Rukh Khan celebrated 30 years of his Bollywood journey with his fans during an Instagram Live. During which, Shah Rukh had said, “He (Salman) is like a brother. We don’t know which one of us is elder. Each of us behaves like an elder brother on different days. Whoever makes a mistake, the other dons the role of an elder brother.”

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