Divorces happen because women are now financially independent: Neena

Divorces happen because women are now financially independent: Neena

Neena Gupta has opened up about her daughter Masaba Gupta's comment that she tried to be a matchmaker for her. Here's what she said.

Actor Neena Gupta has said that she was 'being just a mom' as she reacted to her daughter, fashion designer Masaba Gupta's remark that she tried to become a matchmaker. In a new interview, Neena said that wanting to get Masaba Gupta married 'was just one of my maternal instincts'. Earlier this year, Masaba had said that Neena was on a 'full Sima Taparia mode'to get her married. Neena also said that divorces are happening as ‘young girls are financially independent'.

Masaba married businessman Madhu Mantena in 2015 but parted ways after four years. She is currently dating actor Satyadeep Mishra. Recently, on his birthday, Masaba posted a series of pictures of him on Instagram. A part of her caption read, "Everything I have achieved in the outer world will come & go…but this is my biggest & only constant success."

Speaking with Indian Express, Neena said, “I was being just a mom, like any other normal mother. So, when you go to meet your friends, they often open up your child’s photo albums or ask them to recite a poem or some antics. They don’t realise that the guests are not interested. When Masaba was a child, I decided to never do anything like this. But the fact remains, I did it all. I would show her off in front of everyone. That’s how mothers are, and to get her married was just one of my maternal instincts."

Divorces happen because women are now financially independent: Neena
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Talking about marriages, Neena added, "Everybody around says it’s rubbish in today’s time but I feel it’s still important. Also, I don’t think there is an alternate institution. Today, young girls are financially independent and thus won’t take anything from a man. This is why divorces are happening. Earlier they had no option but to silently suffer. But I also believe marriage is such a good institution in many ways. So I am really confused.”

In an interview with Indian Express earlier this year, Masaba had spoken about Neena wanting to get her married when she was 25-26 years, “I didn’t meet boys then knowing how they would be so badly behaved. That’s when she got all stressed that I wouldn’t get married and just chill my whole life. Mom was like he comes from a good family, earns this much, would keep you happy, etc. She was in full Sima Taparia mode.”

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