Big B shares AI-generated pic of him 'made on the basis of his voice sample'

Big B shares AI-generated pic of him 'made on the basis of his voice sample'

"Errr... this formed by AI by just my voice...just my voice sample...," wrote Amitabh Bachchan

Amitabh Bachchan is in awe of the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI). At least, that's what his recent entry on Instagram says. The megastar, who often grabs the attention of his fans with engaging and thought-provoking posts or tweets, did something similar early Saturday. He posted an AI-generated picture of himself that was made just on the basis of his voice sample. Interesting, right? The fact amuses Big B too, who wonders if the “fear of what AI will do in the years ahead” made Geoffrey Hinton, who is referred to as the ‘Godfather of AI,' quit his job at Google. In his caption, Amitabh Bachchan wrote: “Errr… this formed by AI by just my voice…just my voice sample…no wonder then that the head of the supreme tech resigns, for fear of what AI will do in the years ahead.”

Amitabh Bachchan's opinion about the power of AI wasn't just restricted to his caption. He also wrote about “old” being “overtaken” by technological advancement in his blog. It read: “Communication technology has taken a sharp turn on the road to that informative regime…and the powers that be have now in the rely of them that now work in a 7 billion mind strata… accept the vagaries of invention…be about it or like some from the addressage of shr GooghlÈ leave it after serving for it, they find the alternative too discomforting in the months to come... its months now... was several years earlier... because what was predicted for the next generational time lapse is now becoming the present... within days… the old gets overtaken even before it has drawn its first grey hair…mine included…several of them… the mind made this from nothing (sic).”

On Twitter too, he wrote about the "challenge" of "keeping up" with new technologies. First, Amitabh Bachchan tweeted: "Days pass by .. and new technologies keep improving on the one yesterday .. to keep up is the challenge." Then, he added in a new tweet: "The human is slowly but surely developing and creating IT's alternative."

This isn't the first time Amitabh Bachchan has shared an AI-generated picture of himself. Last month too, he posted an artwork showing him sitting on the floor. “AI…was given some feeds… and my imagery came up thus,” he wrote in the caption.

Big B is a pro when it comes to humour-loaded tweets. A recent example was seen when his blue tick was removed after the new Twitter policy. In a hilarious tweet, he wrote: “Are Mare Gaye Gulfaam, Biraj Mein Mare Gaye Gulfaam…Aye, Twitter maasi, chahi, behan, tai, bua…Whatever is your name…You made us pay the fee and removed the blue ticket permanently. Now, you are saying that people with more than one million followers will get it for free. I have 48.4 million followers, what should I do now? Khel Khatam, paisa hajam?”

Big B shares AI-generated pic of him 'made on the basis of his voice sample'
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