Virat Kohli says this is the weirdest dish he has ever had

Virat Kohli says this is the weirdest dish he has ever had

Virat Kohli dropped a video from his ‘Ask Me Anything’ session on Instagram where he talks about food, sports, fashion faux pas, and more.

Virat Kohli is a known foodie, and his love for Punjabi delicacy chole bhature is no secret. He recently made headlines after a video of him reacting to food during Day 2 of the IND vs AUS second test match went viral. Many on the Internet speculated that Kohli’s favourite dish, chole bhature, amped him up. However, in the post-match interview, Indian head coach Rahul Dravid clarified that it was chole kulche. The star cricketer is again making headlines after he dropped a video from his ‘Ask Me Anything’ session. In the video, he spills the beans on his cheat meal, the weirdest food item he ever had, the worst fashion faux pas and the sport he is not good at.

“Lesser-known facts! Catch me spill the beans on food, fashion, and more on Ep 2!” wrote Virat Kohli while sharing a video on Instagram. The first question that Kohli faces is about the weirdest food he has ever consumed. “Weirdest thing I’ve ever eaten is some kind of insect, I think. Somewhere. I think in Malaysia. By mistake. I didn’t know what it was. It was fried and I just had it and I hated it,” says Kohli. The interviewer then asks him about the one thing he’ll never eat. To this, Kohli replies, “One thing I would never eat. Now that I’m vegetarian, Karela. I hate karelas”. Most of us can relate to this, isn’t it? As the video progresses, Virat reveals his go-to cheat meal, and we all know it. It’s chole bhature.

In the Instagram reel, the cricketer also talks about something he never found stylish. It is ‘being rude to elders’. When asked about his worst fashion faux pas, the former skipper replies, “I think back in the day it would be shoes with heels all over. When I look back at it, I can’t imagine myself wearing those again.” Towards the end, he reveals the one sport he’s afraid to try. “Mixed martial arts, UFC,” says Kohli in the video. He also shares that he is terrible at playing golf.

Virat Kohli says this is the weirdest dish he has ever had
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The video was shared by Virat Kohli a few hours ago. It has since received over 7.8 million views, and the numbers are quickly increasing. Many also dropped comments on the video.

“Cheat meal - Chole Bhature,” posted an individual. “Being rude to elders is not stylish,” remarked another. “Whole world knows what his cheat meal is,” pointed out a third. “Chole Bhature is love,” shared a fourth.

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