Fastened Threads

Fastened Threads

A beautiful poem dedicated to all the daughters

Unconditional love for my children

This is what makes me a mom

I have flaws and faults

The list goes on and on

A good cook, Nay! Not me

I do clutter things

Many a times, I lose my composure

And express what I should not

My wit is bizarre

I can’t entertain you

With a game, dance or song

Idle I prove to be

Fastened Threads

Angry I get not always

But when things go wrong

Then I want you to learn

From slipups you make though not many

Perfect I surely am not

With all the failings and idiocies

You like or not

Still will always be your Mom

Shehnaz Gujral, is an academician with two decades of experience. She thoroughly enjoys her profession as it gives her an opportunity to interact with young minds. She is also very passionate about writing. Although she writes prose, poetry comes more naturally to her.

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