Independence Day

Independence Day

The importance of August 15

15 August 2021

In ( dependence) to Independence,

A wish for freedom from dependence.

Silver, Golden and Diamond Jubilee,

A wish for freedom,

If at all,

Before the dusk of centenary.

Independence Day

15 August 2066

Girls (in) and (out) doors with no fear of abuse,

Religion, a belief will walk with no bruise.

No caste will be outcaste to confuse.

Where people will ignore the creed,

And understand the politics of greed.

Darkness will someday surrender to light .

Maulana Hasrat Mohani and Shaheed Bhagat Singh

Will be the Torch bearers with the slogan

Inquilab Zindabad to fight the night and might.

Hey there! I am Shehnaz Gujral and have pursued my career of two decades as an academician. I have to my credit my debut e-book, Antecedent Compendium (Puffins Publishers), a collection of sixty-six poems. I also have the privilege as a featured author in anthologies, Musings Mundane and Mortal (Tacenda Publications), One Hundred Shades of Love (All India Forum for English Students, Scholars and Trainers-AIFEST)

Literature in English has always fascinated me. I was introduced to the world of Shakespeare by my grandfather whom I lovingly called ‘Darji’. It would be mesmerizing to hear his explanations of ‘Much Ado about Nothing.

I love to express myself through writing. I have been writing on and off for quite some time but recently I have come to discover that I can be more consistent in it. I write prose but poetry comes more naturally to me. Poetry is the best form of meditation for me. The way words connect with me feels like a safe haven inside. My feelings and observations rhyme effortlessly, and my words are my best friend. I connect to the inside, detaching from the outside world.

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