How To Make Paneer At Home, Tips To Store It For Long

How To Make Paneer At Home, Tips To Store It For Long

Why get readymade paneer when you can make it at home using just a few ingredients?

Paneer or cottage cheese is one of the most commonly used ingredients in our kitchen. For years now, it is used in the preparation of some of our most favourite dishes like shahi paneer, paneer biryani, palak paneer among others.

How To Make Paneer At Home, Tips To Store It For Long
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To prepare all these delicious dishes at home, we often get paneer from the market. However, many times you don't get fresh paneer in the market and you end up spoling your entire dish.

Why get readymade paneer when you can make it at home using just a few ingredients? Homemade paneer is much more softer and creamier and can also last in your fridge for a good amount of time. Read on to know its quick recipe.

How To Make Paneer At Home?

You Will Need:

1 Litre Full Cream Milk

2-4 Tsp Lemon Juice Or Yogurt


In a big bowl, add milk.

Heat the milk on low heat.

Keep stirring occasionaly to ensure the cream layer doesn't form above it and milk doesn't burn.

Once the milk starts to boil, add in lemon juice or curd.

Keep stirring as the milk curdles.

When the milk has curdled and you start seeing the whey, strain using a muslin cloth.

Place this gathered muslin cloth under running water.

Place the muslin cloth in a bowl and top it with a heavy container.

After 30-40 minutes, your paneer is ready to be consumed.

How To Make Masala Paneer?

If you buy paneer from the market, you know nowadays you get a lot of variants. From malai to masala paneer, there is a good variety available and you can prepare it at home as well. If you wish to turn your normal homemade paneer into a masala one, you can do it just with a few ingredients.

In a pan, add some ghee, cumin seeds, green chilli, chilli flakes, black pepper powder and grated ginger. Mix well. Take off flame once cooked.

Pour this mixture over homemade paneer and using a fork, mash it all.

Place the paneer in a flat bowl, cover with a muslin cloth and refrigerate for 2 hours.

Homemade masala paneer is ready! This can be enjoyed as is or added to different dry or curry paneer dishes.

How To Store Homemade Paneer?

  • Place the freshly made paneer in the refrigerator so that it sets well. If you wish to use it immediately, you can do it after a few minutes of refrigerating it.

  • You can also cut paneer into small cubes and place in the refrigerator for use later.

  • If you want to use it the next day, dip the paneer block in water and place in the refrigerator. Make sure you change the water everyday to keep the paneer fresh. This will prevent the paneer from getting hard.

  • Homemade paneer stays fresh for about 2-3 days.

  • If you the paneer fresh after a day, make sure you place it in an air tight container with it immersed in water.

  • Another easy way of making the paneer last for longer is by preparing a dish using it. Your dish will last for longer if frozen.

Have you ever tried making paneer at home? If no, do try this easy recipe and don't forget to keep the tips in mind to store your homemade paneer for longer.

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