An Icon Reborn: Chivas 12 unveils a bold, contemporary new look

An Icon Reborn: Chivas 12 unveils a bold, contemporary new look

The new-look Chivas 12 seeks to capture the attention of a new successful, status driven and style-conscious generation

In what comes as the biggest redesign in the 112-year history of Chivas, the blended scotch whisky has unveiled a fresh new look for its flagship blend. Chivas 12 – one of the world’s biggest-selling Scotch whiskies – has undergone an extensive redesign of its bottle, label, and pack to usher in a striking new look that blends boldness, modernity, and status while still flexing the luxury and distinguished heritage long associated with Chivas.

The redesign sees the iconic Chivas 12 bottle reshaped and elongated to stand taller and prouder while still retaining its recognisable rounded shoulders. A redesigned crest shines a light on the beating heart of Chivas – the ‘luckenbooth’, a symbol embodying the Chivas values of ambition, generosity and unapologetic success.

The outer box has undergone a complete renewal with a vibrant burgundy replacing the familiar silver and gold tones as the principal colour scheme. The package retains the intricate detailing and textured finish loved by Chivas fans worldwide.

The back of the pack tells the story of evolution of the iconic Chivas 12 and what makes this blended scotch whiskey so special. Its rich burgundy hues lend that element of royalty and make it stand out in a crowd!

An Icon Reborn: Chivas 12 unveils a bold, contemporary new look
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The bottle itself has a modern elongated shape designed for the 21st century and has tactility making it easy to hold and pour. But, the ‘Chivas-ness’ of the bottle has been retained with just a slimmer and taller profile. The new bottle is as stable and study as before in terms of its grip, its weight and its bottom.

The entire redesign project was conceived with sustainability at its heart as part of company’s target of 100 per cent recyclable, reusable, compostable or bio-based packaging after a few years. The new bottle is lighter, saving over 1,000 tonnes of glass annually, while the outer packaging is now made from fully recyclable materials. The whisky in each bottle, however, remains the same renowned smooth, rich and generous Chivas 12 blend.

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