Schoolchildren prefer easy-to-make breakfast: Expert

Schoolchildren prefer easy-to-make breakfast: Expert

Food is cultural and what properly fuels each day is a quick-and-easy to prepare hearty breakfast.

So, what then is a filling and healthy breakfast? One that is basically loaded with vitamins, minerals and fibre; even as each meal should be personalised, since, aside from taking into consideration the age, gender, height, weight, physical activity and calorie needs of every family member, another factor that weighs in, is each one’s state of health.

“Graders, aged between five and 10, can start their day for example with oatmeal consisting of whole grain oats overcooked with the hot milk as a source of fibre and protein, topped with some berries for essential vitamins and antioxidants, and nuts as a source of healthy fats that aid in brain development. Serve it with a side of chopped carrots to increase nutritional value and for variety.” said Al Zahra Hospital (Dubai) clinical dietitian and nutritionist Rayan Saleh.

Schoolchildren prefer easy-to-make breakfast: Expert
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She said sources of fibre, calcium and iron, including energy and minerals for adolescents, particularly the 11 to 15-year-olds, is a peanut butter-honey-banana sandwich-better use whole grain bread.

“For the young adults like between 16 and 20, they can have (the) ‘Acai Bowl’ (originally a Brazilian dessert) made of (the grape-like) Acai pureed berries (for) vitamins and antioxidants, fresh milk or yoghurt for protein and calcium intake, topped with nuts, seeds, granola which will be a good source of whole grains, protein and healthy fats,” Saleh noted.

She added: “They can have some fresh cut vegetables like cherry tomatoes and cucumber (for more fibre and minerals.”

Some “quick suggestions” from Medcare Hospital (Sharjah) specialist paediatrician Dr. Abdul Majeed, pointing out that schoolchildren “are more likely to eat breakfast if easy-to-prepare breakfast options are readily available at home,” such as porridge of plain rolled oats with added fruit; wholegrain cereal such as untoasted muesli, bran cereals or wholewheat biscuits and fruits, alongside the dairy products of milk and natural yoghurt.

Aside from fresh fruits and raw nuts, how about whole meal, whole grain or sourdough (healthier than other breads because of the use of wild yeast instead of the usual baker’s yeast and it has the lactic acid bacteria present in the flour) toast; English muffins or crumpets (similar to pancakes) with baked beans, poached of boiled eggs, tomatoes, mushrooms, spinach, salmon, cheese, avocado, a couple of teaspoons of spreads such as hommus or 100 per cent nut paste such as peanut of almond butter.

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