Hyderabad man buys idlis worth Rs 6 lakh over a year

Hyderabad man buys idlis worth Rs 6 lakh over a year

A Idli lover in Hyderabad shelled out a whopping Rs 6 lakh for this south Indian treat over the course of the previous year.

There are people who are true foodies, with an insatiable appetite for eating and exploring new foods, but none like this one, we're sure. An Idli aficionado from Hyderabad spent a staggering Rs 6 lakh on this south Indian delicacy in the last year, according to top food-delivery company Swiggy on the occasion of World Idli Day (March 30).

The Idli-obsessed Hyderbadi man ordered 8,428 plates of Idlis while travelling across cities like Bengaluru and Chennai, in addition to orders for family and close friends.

Swiggy presented its analysis for the period March 30, 2022 to March 25, 2023 on Thursday. It sheds light on the appeal of the south Indian delicacy.

33 million plates of idlis were delivered by the food-delivery platform in the last year, demonstrating the dish's enormous appeal with consumers and demonstrating that it is not just a southern delicacy but one that is enjoyed across the entire nation.

The top three cities for ordering Idlis are Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Chennai. Delhi, Kolkata, Kochi, Mumbai, Coimbatore, Pune, Vizag, and other cities are also closely followed.

Idlis are available in an array of varieties, and their popularity varies by city. Rava Idli, for instance, is more popular in Bangalore than in any other city, but ghee/neyi karam podi idli is popular in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, and Telangana. Thatte idli and small idli are other popular idli options in all cities.

Hyderabad man buys idlis worth Rs 6 lakh over a year
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According to Swiggy, idlis are the second-bestselling breakfast item after Masala Dosa. Customers frequently order different foods in addition to their idlis, including sambar, coconut chutney, karampuri, medu veda, saagu, red chutney, Jain sambar, tea, and coffee. Idlis are frequently hailed as one of the most significant meals of the day because they are not only good in taste but also a nutritious one.

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