'Menstrual masking' is going viral on TikTok: But, is it safe?

'Menstrual masking' is going viral on TikTok: But, is it safe?

The term 'Menstrual Masking', also known as period-blood facial and moon masking, was first used on social media in 2019.

Beauty fads such as Bird Poop facial, Bee Venom-infused skincare, Snail Mucus masks and the latest - Menstrual Masking show us how far one is willing to go in the name of good skincare. If you ever thought that you have seen enough and viral skincare trends cannot get any weirder, pause and think again. Because TikTokers will find a way to make your jaw drop with their so-called "advice" or "skincare secret".

Currently, period-blood face masks are gaining traction online and believe me or not, people are actually claiming that it has beauty benefits. But, wait, we all know that we cannot believe everything we see online, right? We should take every advice on social media with a pinch of salt because the virtual space is full of gimmicks and useless hacks. 

So, let's break down this trend and understand why we should or shouldn't hop on the bandwagon and try menstrual masking.

What is Menstrual Masking?

The term 'Menstrual Masking', also known as period-blood facial and moon masking, was first used on social media in 2019. But, it turned into a trend only in 2022. And, as the name suggests, it involves using menstrual blood during facials or as a mask with the aim of improving skin texture and quality. 

Many of those who have tried menstrual masking have done so because they believe that the micronutrients found in the period blood can benefit the skin. Most claims are pretty vague, with users saying that their skin feels and looks "better" post-treatment. Others have hopped the trend train to feel more connected with their body. But does it actually work or is it another gimmick to get those views and comments? Let's find out!

Does it actually work? Is it safe?

So, before we buy a facial kit, mask or any other skincare product, we check its ingredient list. So, let's first understand what exactly period blood is made up of. According to doctors, menstrual blood consists of the uterus lining, white blood cells, fibrants and proteins among other biological components such as mucus and clots. And, experts say that some of these can cause inflammation and infection on your skin.

Even though some say that menstrual blood has micronutrients like zinc, copper, magnesium, and iron, you must remember that the quantity of these substances is relatively low. And, even if there were high levels of micronutrients available in period blood, we couldn't benefit from them as there is no way they can make their way into the skin without any penetration enhancer. Most importantly, we cannot ignore the possibility of infection and cross-contamination and it is not worth the risk.

Also, remember that it is nothing like the blood used in PRP aka vampire facials, where beneficial elements from one's blood are isolated and used to attain glowing skin. Also, PRP, a medically-backed procedure, is conducted in a sterile way, whereas menstrual masking isn't. 

'Menstrual masking' is going viral on TikTok: But, is it safe?
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Alternatives that actually work

Kim Kardashian-approved PRP facial aka Vampire facial is a great alternative for menstrual masking. However, you will have to visit an aesthetic clinic for the treatment. And, results are usually visible after a few sittings. You can also go for hydra facials for an instant glow. 

If you are looking for an at-home treatment, try out avocado and honey mask or Ayurveda ubtan.

Final verdict: It is no youth elixir that many TikTokers have claimed and there're much better DIY treatments and skincare hacks available in the market.

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