What is skin fasting and should you be doing it?

What is skin fasting and should you be doing it?

This helps strengthen your skin's protective barrier which might have been degenerated by the usage of multiple products.

One of the newest skincare trends that have taken social media by storm is - Skin fasting. The hashtag has thousands of posts on Instagram and Twitter and is currently trending among beauty influencers and bloggers. But what exactly it is? Is it beneficial for our skin's texture and condition? Or is it just another overhyped trend that does more harm than good? Like most skincare junkies, you must have so many questions in your mind. Scroll for a quick beauty guide that will help you decide whether to hop on the bandwagon and try out the trend or not.

What is skin fasting?

With a ton of product launches on a regular basis, it's hard to decide what to buy and what not to buy. But if you have a targeted skincare routine and you know what works and doesn't work for your skin, you can bid adieu to all the skin worries and pamper your skin, as and when needed. 

On a normal day, your daytime skincare regime might include a serum, moisturiser, toner, facial oil, sunscreen and the list is long. And, when you use too many products without a clear idea of what exactly you want them to do, you can stress out your skin and end up with inflammation or irritation due to product overload.

This is the time, you need to go on a skin fast and stop using a ton of products. Just like you go on a food-elimination diet, you need to take a break from your regular skincare routines in order to detoxify your skin and let it function more effectively.

This helps strengthen your skin's protective barrier which might have been degenerated by the usage of multiple products. 

After the skin fast, you must systematically reintroduce products to your skincare routine and curate a regime that works best for your skin. 

The term was first coined by the Japanese brand Mirai Clinical. It describes skin fasting as a way to normalise the secretion of natural oils and support the natural rejuvenation process. The concept comes from the traditional idea of fasting which allows healing. Skin fasting ideally works when you minimise or completely stop using complex skincare products so that your skin can rejuvenate on its own.

What is skin fasting and should you be doing it?
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Benefits of skin fasting

  • Allows your skin to breathe freely and gives time to rejuvenate

  • Aids skin healing process

  • Helps rebuild the skin's lipid barrier

  • Protects skin's natural moisture

  • Helps reintroduce necessary products back into the regimen via a step-wise approach

How do we do a skin fast?

To go on a skin fast, you must stop using all of your skincare products for a few weeks. Even when you want to wash your face or add a little moisture, you must only use natural home remedies or chemical-free products.

For a few days, toss all your serums, toners and creams among other products into a cabinet and only use a gentle cleanser twice a day to wash your face. To moisturise, you can use aloe vera gel or a store-nought natural moisturiser made of safflower oil, honey, turmeric, white tea, oats, coconut oil, soy, liquorice and olive oil.

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