Anushka Sharma performs Chakrasana, know the benefits of this yoga pose

Anushka Sharma performs Chakrasana, know the benefits of this yoga pose

Actor Anushka Sharma shares a picture of performing the Chakrasana yoga pose on Instagram, which she captioned as 'perspective'.

Bollywood actress, Anushka Sharma posted a photo on her Instagram account, in which she is seen doing 'Chakrasana'. Looking at the photo, it is clearly visible in the background that there are some kids toys and swings and slides, which shows that this is Vamika's nursery, which has been used by Anushka as a yoga space. Also captioning this photo, the actress has written 'perspective' with inverted smiley emojis.

What is Chakrasana Yoga?

This yoga asana is done by taking it on the back. If you understand its literal meaning, then tell that it is made up of two words in which chakra means wheel and asana means yoga posture. In this asana, the body seems to be in the shape of a wheel, hence this name has been given to it. Though there are many benefits of Chakrasana, yet if you want to stop your old age and maintain youth, then do practice Chakrasana Yoga.

Anushka Sharma performs Chakrasana, know the benefits of this yoga pose
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Like Anushka Sharma, you too can easily do this exercise at home. This increases flexibility in the body and strengthens the muscles. Those who want to get rid of stress must follow the routine of this exercise or yoga. By doing Chakrasana, you can improve your metabolism and keep your stomach healthy.

According to experts, regular practice of Chakrasana Yoga is considered beneficial for both physical and mental health. Apart from increasing peace of mind and concentration, this yoga can also have benefits in promoting the fitness of the body.

  • Helps in reducing stress-anxiety.

  • It plays an important role in sharpening the eyesight.

  • Promotes strength and flexibility of the spine.

  • Purifies the blood along with improving the blood circulation of the body.

  • This yoga is considered helpful in increasing your stamina and strength.

  • People who have the problem of belly fat, this asana is considered to be especially beneficial for them. It also tones your core muscles.

  • This yoga is considered very effective in increasing appetite and providing relief from constipation-digestive problems.

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