Beware! Do not wear denim in summer; Can cause serious bacterial, fungal infections, clothing dermatitis

Beware! Do not wear denim in summer; Can cause serious bacterial, fungal infections, clothing dermatitis

Denim cloth absorbs heat and does not allow air to pass through it, stopping sweat from drying, especially in the hot summer months.

Heat strokes and dehydration are common in summer. Not only can these be discomforting but also fatal if not treated well in time. And despite taking precautions, it may be surprising to know that many times, people fall extremely sick due to skin infections caused by the wrong choice of clothes.

For both men and women, denim spells comfort and style. But summer months can be torturous in denim as the fabric may be a cause of several skin-related issues including rashes, inflammation, redness, allergies, irritation, and even fungal and bacterial infections.

According to health experts, denim clothes prevent aeration and do not let sweat dry out, trapping heat and sweat making an ideal place for various infection-causing microorganisms to flourish.

Side effects of denim in summer

Everyone knows how comforting jeans are and can be carried well with any look. But wearing fitted jeans daily can lead to a lot of skin as well as other health issues, which include:

Bacterial and fungal infections

Fungal infections like ringworm athlete's foot, toenail fungus, yeast infections, and rashes in the genital area are a growing matter of concern. Classic symptoms include:

  • Discolouration in the affected area

  • The infected skin may be soft, or layers may start to break down

  • Peeling or cracking of the infected skin

  • Scaling and peeling away of skin

  • Itching, stinging, or burning sensations in the infected area

Denim aggravates these problems as wearing tight jeans for a long time stops the blood circulation in the thighs and causes the feet to swell.

Uterus infection

Wearing tight denim can give rise to uterus infection at an early age, leading to a permanent blockage that causes infertility issues.

Also, according to health experts, denim can cause vaginal irritation, yeast infection, and bacterial vaginosis in hotter months, as the fabric restricts airflow and blood flow in your lower body.

Clothing dermatitis

Clothing dermatitis, also known as Textile dermatitis, is a form of irritation that results when the skin comes in contact with certain clothing.

In summer, denim, which is processed with dyes, formaldehyde, and chromate can cause skin irritation. According to experts, the prevalence of textile contact dermatitis is increasing, most likely because of changes in textile manufacturing practices and the use of processing agents that are known irritants.

It causes rashes, especially on the upper thigh and sometimes can be present with no visible clinical features, but with persistent pruritus, or itching. Its clinical features are:

  • Eczema with red, scaly plaques and patches

  • Lesions that are dried and localized

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