Two-footed animal

Two-footed animal

Rape is the fourth most common crime against women in India.

Again, the pain, always the shame.

Justice for_ _ _ name, month and year change.

Candle light march and prayer to show the rage.

Raucous laughter in the dungeon dark.

Again, the pain, always the shame.

Shards of glass sliced her bones.

Strangulated with her stained veil.

Sliced tongue to silence her screams.

Again, the pain, always the shame.

Desiccating the history of Caste, Child -marriage and The Sati.

Pen name: Date rape, Gang rape and liquidate.

Burial of the crime with ripped and nipped frame.

Two-footed animal
Coffee Break

Again, the pain, always the shame.

Incorrigible brute will brunt the naïve brut.

Re -title him dog! No, no, no for HIS sake.

Not a man nor a beast, disgrace only disgrace.

Shehnaz Gujral, is an academician with two decades of experience. She thoroughly enjoys her profession as it gives her an opportunity to interact with young minds. She is also very passionate about writing. Although she writes prose, poetry comes more naturally to her.

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