'Doing God's Work': Elderly man gives baths to exhausted birds in scorching summer

'Doing God's Work': Elderly man gives baths to exhausted birds in scorching summer

The arrival of early hot summers in north India this year is definitely not what one expected. The rising temperatures have been testing the tolerance limit of us humans. However, it’s not just us who are reeling under the hot weather. Animals and birds are also facing the heat. And just like us, they also need regular water consumption to stay cool. A video shared by IAS Avanish Sharan on Twitter shows an old man giving a shower to a group of pigeons. The old man in the video is seen sitting on a chair in an outside setting, and using a water hose to replenish the flock of pigeons.

Birds are known to not handle extreme heat and we have seen reports of them falling dead from skies during peak summers.

The senior citizen, in the 28-second video, seems to relate with the pigeons’ plight as rising temperatures continue to test them. Many people also leave a vessel full of water outside their homes or on the balcony for birds during summer time.

The IAS officer, who shared the video, captioned the clip as, “Birds also want to get a respite from the heat.” The video has already garnered more than 1 lakh views, and features a group of pigeons enjoying the shower.

The short video also has more than 10,000 likes and over 1,000 retweets.

Naturally, the old man got all the deserved love of netizens who praised him for his good deed.

One user said the senior citizen was “doing god’s work”. Another went on to term the clip “best video on the internet today.”

“Be God with you man. You are doing a fantastic job. Loads and tons of wishes,” a third said.

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