Telangana woman arrested after setting her pregnant daughter-in-law on fire

Telangana woman arrested after setting her pregnant daughter-in-law on fire

The 22-year-old woman is fighting for her life in a hospital with more than 50% burns and has lost the four-month-old twins she was carrying, according to the police.

A woman was detained by the police in Telangana's Kamareddy district for reportedly burning her pregnant daughter-in-law on fire. According to the authorities, Keerthana, 22, lost the four-month-old twins she was carrying, suffered over 50% burns, and is presently fighting for her life. The victim's spouse Kurati Pandari and the accused, Ambavva, have both been charged with attempted murder and domestic abuse.

The incident happened in the village of Achampet on July 17 in the early hours. The police claim that Keerthana and Pandari fell in love and wed in 2021. Keerthana's relatives reported to the police that her in-laws were harassing her all the time. Despite sharing the same village and caste, Ambavva and Keerthana are said to have had a rocky relationship from the beginning. Officers said that Keerthana and her husband chose to go to Hyderabad for business six months ago as their disputes grew more frequent. They also said that they were visiting Pandari's family to make amends when the event took place.

According to the police, Keerthana was working in the kitchen when Ambavva allegedly doused her in gasoline and lit her ablaze. After hearing Keerthana's screams, other family members and neighbours reportedly raced to the kitchen and quenched the flames. After being transported to a hospital in Nizamabad, she had to have an abortion. For better care, she was later transferred to a private hospital in Hyderabad, according to the police.

Ambava was detained by authorities and taken into custody on Monday. Domestic assault charges have also been filed against the husband (Pandari). It's unclear what role he played in the crime. We are looking into the situation, according to Nizamsagar SI Raju.

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