Missing man found after 4 years 7 feet under at neighbour’s place, ‘murdered’ by wife and her next door lover

Missing man found after 4 years 7 feet under at neighbour’s place, ‘murdered’ by wife and her next door lover

The team found out that Chandraveer was murdered by his wife and her boyfriend on September 28, 2018.

While the grisly murder of Shraddha Walkar in Delhi’s Mehrauli hasn’t even died down, Ghaziabad police have finally found a man missing for almost four years, but only in a shallow grave a few feet from his own house.

It turned out that 46-year-old Chandraveer was allegedly killed by his wife and her lover, who lived next door.

Police found his body, buried at neighbour’s house on last Sunday.

Almost four years back in Ghaziabad, 46-year-old Chandraveer Singh alias Pappu had gone missing. The relatives first filed a missing persons report which eventually becomes a case of kidnapping. Police investigated at every level, but he was not found. Eventually the case became cold.

However, after four years, Ghaziabad SSP decided to re-open the blind cases and the case came back to life and to the crime branch in October 22.

The team found out that Chandraveer was murdered by his wife and her boyfriend on September 28, 2018.

The two lovers first shot him dead, then buried him in a pit seven feet deep, inside the neighbour’s house.

Subsequently, the cops have sent Savita, Chandraveer’s wife and her boyfriend Arun alias Anil to judicial custody.

What happened on September 28, 2018?

Abdur Rehman Siddiqui, in-charge of the crime branch team, told reporters that on the night of murder, Chandraveer alias Pappu had returned to his home in a drunken state at around 8 pm in village Sikrod. He had dinner and slept around 10 pm. His two daughters had gone to sleep at another house in the village itself. While he along with his wife Savita and five-year-old son were left in the house.

Missing man found after 4 years 7 feet under at neighbour’s place, ‘murdered’ by wife and her next door lover
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Siddiqui told that the two accused had already been planning the murder of Chandraveer, it was that night Savita was convinced as the best time to commit the murder. She called Arun at 11.30 pm. He scaled the terrace wall to enter Savita’s house and shot Chandraveer in the head with a gun. He died on the spot.

As per cops, the two had kept a bucket under Chandraveer’s cot to prevent the blood from spilling out on the floor. They almost waited till almost half past one in the night for the bleeding to stop.

Chandraveer wore a silver bracelet in his right hand. His name was written on this it due to which the two thought to remove it, however ended up amputating Chandraveer’s hand with an axe.

Next, the two wrapped the body in a sheet and took it to Arun’s house where he had already dug a pit seven feet deep in a room. Siddiqui told media that the pit was dug four days before the murder.

The dead body was thrown into the pit along with the sheet. All the blood of the bucket was also poured into this pit and after pouring soil from above, Arun laid a bricks on it.

The same night, Arun wrapped the severed hand in a cloth and threw it near the chemical factory in the village.

After this both Savita and Arun went to sleep in their respective houses. Next morning i.e. on 29th September 2018, Savita called her brother-in-law Bhure Singh and told that her husband Chandraveer has not come home since last night. The family members kept searching for Chandraveer for several days.

When no clue was found, Bhure Singh reached the police station Nandrgram on 5 October 2018 and lodged a missing report of Chandraveer Singh.

The marriage

Savita was 16 years younger than Chandraveer. It was the second marriage for both of them. While Chandraveer’s first wife died, Savita divorced her husband. They had three children, two daughters and one son. At the time of Chandraveer’s death 4 years ago, his age was 46 years and Savita’s age was 30 years. Their daughters were 12 and 4 respectively.

The room where dead body was buried

Arun initially made a cattle shed in the room where he buried the dead body, allegedly to stop the smell from spreading. After about two months, he renovated the house and replaced the brick pavement with cemented plaster and made it his ‘bedroom’.

The Crime branch official said that the bucket in which Chandraveer’s blood was filled was now being used by Savita in the bathroom. The police recovered this bucket along with the gun and axe that were used in the murder.

The affair

The two had an affair since 2017. Both were caught by Chandraveer in objectionable state several times. There were fights in Chandraveer’s house regarding this. Eventually the two made a plan and killed Chandraveer 4 years ago and managed to get away with it. Police were told that, ever since the murder, their relationship became more public since he started visiting Savita more frequently.

The investigation

Recently, Ghaziabad’s SSP Muniraj G. made a list of unsolved murder and kidnap cases from past five years. The list was sent to all station in-charges and all branches. A constable in the Crime Branch team was posted at a police post in Nandgram police station area four years back.

The constable allegedly had worked on Chandraveer’s case four years ago too. Now, when this case again came to the Crime Branch, he activated his manual survellance.

“When I inquired in the village, I came to know that Chandraveer’s wife Savita is having a love affair with her neighbor Arun. Savita’s 16-year-old daughter confirmed that she was right,” said the constable.

He added that his team interrogated the 16-year-old daughter for almost three days and assured him that she should tell the truth and nothing will happen to her.

Eventually the daughter told police, that Arun uncle from neighbourhood comes to her house after everyone sleeps at night.

Following the input, police picked him up and after a firm questioning, he spewed the truth. Police team conducted a re-enactment of the crime at his house and recovered the skeleton from his bedroom.

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