No one can end Congress, says Mallikarujun Kharge

No one can end Congress, says Mallikarujun Kharge

The statement holds relevance as Congress bagged 40 seats in the hill state, with BJP securing 25 seats in Himachal.

Congress president Mallikarjun Kharge said that the grand old party is not going anywhere and that nobody could end it. Speaking at Agenda Aajtak 2022, the Congress chief exuded confidence in his party's calibre and said that it was competent at solving issues on its own.

"We are capable of solving our party's issues and we do not need outsiders' help," he said.

Asked about the Bharatiya Janata Party's victory in Gujarat and the prime minister and JP Nadda celebrating it, Kharge said, "We do not indulge in event management. When we win we do not brag about it. We are happy and we credit everybody. When we lose, we analyse what went wrong and attempt to work towards the drawback."

He was asked if the Congress's presence is diminishing and if the BJP is the number one party. He said, "This is not how democracy works. There is no number 1, number 2 party. We are not going anyway."

"Congress ko koi khatam nahi kar sakta (nobody can end Congress)", said the party veteran. 

He also replied to a question about Congress's impending decision on Himachal Pradesh chief minister. 

"I will not decide who the Himachal CM will be. It is the MLAs who will discuss and decide. We will decide as per the party's consensus," he said. 

The statement holds relevance as Congress bagged 40 seats in the hill state, with BJP securing 25 seats in Himachal. A party needs to secure 35 seats to form a government in the hill state. Failing to garner the requisite figures, the BJP-led government was compelled to step down on Thursday.

No one can end Congress, says Mallikarujun Kharge
Mallikarjun Kharge formally takes over the reins of Congress

Kharge said that the party needed to introspect on the Gujarat rural seats that were Congress's stronghold over the years. Congress has secured only 13 seats in rural Gujarat and five seats were bagged by the AAP. He shunned the predicament that it was a matter of concern for the grand old party. 

"No, it is not a concern. Gujarat is Modi ji's prestige and Amit Shah is from Gujarat too. It was a big deal for them, so they went to the grassroots level and campaigned," Kharge underlined. 

"We will send a team to review and chalk out the Congress's drawbacks and why the party lost those seats," he said. 

Are the 2024 elections a done deal? Will the Congress be defeated? Kharge said that the party is doing what is required. He underlined that Congress is trying to mould the mindsets of the public against polarisation. 

"We do not know about elections but we are aware of the country's problems and we are trying to change the mindset of people. Speaking about Karnataka, our party workers are doing their job. We are against polarisation," Kharge said.

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