Holi 2023 safety tips: Mandatory steps to celebrate eco-friendly and safe Holi

Holi 2023 safety tips: Mandatory steps to celebrate eco-friendly and safe Holi

There are many harmful chemicals in synthetic colours.

The Indian festival of colours, Holi, is celebrated with zest and vigour not just in India but in several parts of the world. The celebration marks the arrival of spring and the end of the winter season in the Indian subcontinent. While people in India celebrate all the festivals with music, scrumptious delicacies and sweets, the use of colours, popularly known as Gulaal, makes the festival extra special. This colourful merriment, unfortunately, comes to an end when we realise the damage it causes, not just to our skin but also to the environment, our homes, street animals, etc. But fret not! We have listed some safety tips that can help you celebrate this colourful festival without having to worry about any damage.

Holi with flowers

Did you know that decomposed flowers act as a great organic fertiliser for the soil? Instead of polluting the environment, play a gentle Holi using scented flowers. Instead of troubling friends and forcibly playing with them, the use of flowers is calming and has a soothing effect on the mind.

Use natural colours

There are many harmful chemicals in synthetic colours. Hence, you can use natural colours like henna, turmeric, sandalwood, beetroot powder and more. These would not cause damage to your skin or hair. They can be washed off easily and serve the purpose well.

Protect your home

Apply anti-stain varnish on the walls to protect them. Cover your furniture with old bed sheets and keep valuable items in a separate room. Apply oil or Vaseline on door knobs to avoid stains.

After the celebrations, avoid taking a shower in your bathroom, especially if they have white tiles. Instead, use the balcony or garden to wash the colours off of you and your clothes. Also, place newspapers on the floor of your house to avoid getting colourful footprints all over it.

Protect your skin

Apply olive or coconut oil all over your body before you start playing with colours. Use skin-friendly & organic colours instead of chemical colours. Try wearing clothes that cover your entire body. Apply a thick layer of sunscreen to your skin and use nail polish to protect your nails.

Protect your vehicles

Either use a plastic cover for your cars or apply wax polish on all the painted parts of your vehicle. Use car shampoo instead of detergent to clean your car. Use towels to protect the interiors of your four-wheeler.

Avoid wastage of water

Water conservation is the need of the hour. There is water shortage and scarcity in many places. Play a dry Holi without wasting water. You can avoid the use of pichkaris (water guns) to spray water on others.

Holi 2023 safety tips: Mandatory steps to celebrate eco-friendly and safe Holi
Bad news for adventure junkies! No river rafting in Rishikesh this Holi

Holi bonfire made easy

Instead of using precious wood by chopping off the trees, one can burn eco-friendly waste for the Holi bonfire which will not create pollution. Use ingredients like cow-dung cakes, coconut waste and camphor to light up. Pledge to protect trees and have a greener environment this Holi festival.

Protect animals

Many a time, people involve animals during festivities despite knowing that the chemical-filled colours can be harmful to them. Yes, the festival is fun however you must not become too excited and cross your limits. Applying colours to animals and spraying water on them is not at all required. We should love animals; so have an animal-friendly Holi celebration.

Remember, any celebration is only wholesome when it is observed responsibly!

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