726 AI cameras to catch traffic violators in Kerala from April 20

726 AI cameras to catch traffic violators in Kerala from April 20

As many as 726 Artificial intelligence (AI) cameras will be installed for catching traffic violations in Kerala from April 20. Check all the details here.

The 'Safe Kerala' project to detect traffic violations through artificial intelligence (AI) cameras and levy fines will start from April 20. The Kerala Motor vehicle department has installed 726 AI cameras across the state to detect traffic violations.


Driving a two-wheeler without wearing a helmet, traveling without wearing a seat belt, more than two people traveling on a two-wheeler, using mobile phones while driving, and red-light violation- these are the offenses that the AI camera will catch first. The Motor Vehicle Department has decided to implement the 'Fully Automated Traffic Enforcement System' as part of the 'Safe Kerala' project to detect violations of the law through cameras, stating that roadside checking is creating difficulties for the public.

The AI cameras are solar powered and data is transferred using 4G connectivity SIM. All vehicles will be analyzed by the visual processing unit in the camera box. The picture of the vehicles that violated the traffic rules and the photo of the driver will be sent to the control room of the Motor Vehicles Department. There is a system to collect six months of violation footage. The Motor Vehicles Department said that up to 30,000 penalty notices can be sent in a day.

Motor Vehicle Inspectors will check traffic violations and scrutinize them before sending notices.

726 AI cameras to catch traffic violators in Kerala from April 20
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Not following proper safety standards and unscientific infrastructural development are the reasons for the increasing number of road accidents in Kerala. Statistics indicate that two-wheelers cause the most accidents in Kerala and two-wheeler riders are the most affected by road accidents.

In 2022, 13,334 two-wheeler accidents were reported in Kerala. 1,288 people died in these accidents. In 2021, 1,069 people died in 10,154 two-wheeler accidents.

According to government reports, there were a total of 43,910 road accidents in the state in 2022 out of which 4,317 people died and 34,638 people were injured.

In 2021, 3,429 people lost their lives in 33,296 accidents. 26,495 people were seriously injured and 10,280 people were slightly injured.

At 4,047, Ernakulam district has the highest number of accidents in Kerala.

As per government officials, people are not aware of road safety rules and lack of attention (driver's negligence, drunken driving) causes accidents.

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