Kerala man orders OnePlus 11 from Flipkart, receives used product: here’s what happened next

Kerala man orders OnePlus 11 from Flipkart, receives used product: here’s what happened next

Kochi resident MK Satheesh alleges receiving a used, non-functioning OnePlus 11 5G phone after purchasing it from online Flipkart seller 'Turst,' despite assurance of new condition

In a surprising turn of events, MK Satheesh, a resident of Kochi, found himself in the midst of an online shopping nightmare. What was supposed to be a joyous purchase of a premium OnePlus 11 5G smartphone from Flipkart turned into a frustrating ordeal. Satheesh alleges that instead of a brand-new device, he received a used smartphone with physical damages.

As per Mathrubhumi's report, on September 1, Satheesh decided to buy the coveted OnePlus 11 5G smartphone, and he chose Flipkart as his shopping destination. The phone's price tag, including delivery charges, amounted to a substantial Rs 53,098.

Satheesh made his purchase from a seller named 'Turst' on Flipkart. Interestingly, this seller bore the 'Flipkart Assured Badge,' a symbol of trust bestowed by the e-commerce giant to its reliable merchants.

Upon receiving the package, Satheesh diligently checked the phone. He had the delivery staff unbox it in front of him, making sure everything was in order. However, his excitement turned into disappointment when he realized the phone was not functioning. Initially, he suspected it might be due to a low battery, but it was far more concerning.

Ordinarily, consumers in such situations attempt to return or replace the defective products they've received from online platforms like Flipkart. Satheesh's situation appeared to offer a solution; the supplier he bought from provided a seven-day service center for replacements or repairs, and the phone itself came with a 12-month warranty.

Kerala man orders OnePlus 11 from Flipkart, receives used product: here’s what happened next
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Unfortunately for Satheesh, this ordeal took a turn for the worse. Flipkart, in an unexpected twist, informed him that they were not an authorized distributor of OnePlus products, rendering them unable to provide warranty support for the phone. Adding to the frustration, OnePlus informed Satheesh that they couldn't honor the warranty because the purchase was not made through an authorized channel.

Intriguingly, when Satheesh reached out to a OnePlus service center in Kochi, he was handed a service bill issued in the name of a resident of Gujarat. This raised serious questions about the phone's history and why it had been serviced in Ahmedabad.

Left with a non-functional, seemingly tampered-with smartphone and little support from the seller or the manufacturer, Satheesh is now contemplating taking his case to the consumer court, seeking justice for the unexpected ordeal he has endured.

Satheesh's story serves as a stark reminder of the challenges that can accompany online shopping. While it offers convenience and access to a wide range of products, buyers must exercise caution and verify the credibility of sellers and the authenticity of products to avoid falling victim to unfortunate experiences like his. This tale underscores the importance of consumer awareness and the need for stronger safeguards in the online shopping ecosystem.

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