‘That could have been my child...’: Ujjain rape accused’s father seeks death penalty

‘That could have been my child...’: Ujjain rape accused’s father seeks death penalty

Raju Soni, father of Ujjain rape accused Bharat Soni, said that he found it hard to believe that his son could have carried out such an act.

The Madhya Pradesh Police have arrested an auto-rickshaw driver, Bharat Soni, for allegedly raping a 12-year-old girl in Ujjain. Speaking to India Today TV, Raju Soni, the father of the accused, called for severe punishment for those found guilty of such heinous acts.

Raju Soni stated, "If my child had been in the victim's place, I would have said the same thing. Those who commit such crimes do not deserve to live. Whether it's my child or anyone else's, anyone who commits such a crime should be hanged or shot."

Raju Soni revealed that he was aware of the incident since its occurrence and even spoken to his son about it. However, he claims that his son remained silent and continued with his daily routines.

"He [Bharat Soni] was arrested yesterday, and I heard about the incident on the news. I had already talked to him about it earlier. He was unfazed, going about his daily activities as if nothing had happened. He asked me, 'Where did this happen?' and I said, 'In Ujjain’.”

‘That could have been my child...’: Ujjain rape accused’s father seeks death penalty
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“The police have made him an accused, but the truth will come out later. He is my child, and I will support him. But we cannot control what goes on in someone's mind," Raju Soni remarked.

“I can say that he couldn’t have done this, but if he has, he should be given strict punishment,” Raju Soni said.

He emphasised that swift action is needed in such horrific cases to deter potential offenders, saying, "The police should just shoot them."

"We are not able to come out of shame. What should I do? I can't understand anything. That girl could have been my daughter...If I were in his place, I would have admitted my guilt and taken the punishment," Raju Soni said.

Bharat Soni was arrested and three others were detained after a 12-year-old girl was raped and found bleeding on a street in Madhya Pradesh’s Ujjain city. The girl, semi-naked and bleeding, walked for over 8 km as she pleaded for help.

Soni had tried to escape the authorities after he was arrested and taken to the scene of the crime. A police official said that Bharat Soni sustained injuries to his arms and legs while trying to run away from the authorities.

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