Gujarat: 10 heart attack deaths in 24 hours at garba events

Gujarat: 10 heart attack deaths in 24 hours at garba events

In the past 24 hours, ten people have died of a heart attack in different areas of Gujarat while they were performing Garba at Navratri celebrations.

At least 10 people have died while performing Garba during Navratri celebrations in Gujarat in the past 24 hours. The victims ranged from teenagers to middle-aged people, with the youngest being a 13-year-old boy from Dabhoi, Baroda.

On Friday, a 24-year-old man from Ahmedabad suddenly collapsed while playing Garba and died. Similarly, a 17-year-old boy from Kapadwanj also died while playing Garba. A series of similar cases have been reported in the state in the past day.

In addition to this, over the first six days of Navratri, the 108 emergency ambulance services received 521 calls for heart-related issues and an additional 609 calls for breathlessness. These calls were recorded between 6 pm and 2 am, when Garba celebrations usually take place.

This alarming trend has prompted both the government and event organisers to take action.

Gujarat: 10 heart attack deaths in 24 hours at garba events
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The state government issued an alert to all government hospitals and community health centers (CHCs) near Garba venues, urging them to be on high alert.

Garba organisers have also been instructed to create corridors for ambulances to enter the events swiftly in case of emergencies.

Moreover, Garba organisers have taken steps to ensure the safety of participants by stationing doctors and ambulances at the venues. They have also been advised to provide CPR training to their staff and ensure ample availability of water for participants.

Before the Narvratri festivities this year, three people in Gujarat died due to a heart attack while practicing Garba.

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