Employees offered cars, Royal Enfield bikes as Diwali bonus in Haryana, Tamil Nadu; netizens react

Employees offered cars, Royal Enfield bikes as Diwali bonus in Haryana, Tamil Nadu; netizens react

Haryana-based pharma company, Mits Healthcare, rewarded its employees with cars as pre-Diwali gifts to acknowledge their hard work and loyalty towards the company.

Haryana-based pharma company gifted its employees with cars as part of pre-Diwali gifts in a bid to reward them for their hard work, perseverance and loyalty towards the company. The company, Mits Healthcare addresses its employees as stars and celebrities.

Mits Healthcare owner and director MK Bhatia while speaking to ANI said, “It is because of the hard work of these employees that they have reached this position today. All of them have been working for this company for years now."

“This car is a reward for their hard work, honesty and trustworthiness towards the company. We have already gifted cars to 12-star celebrities of the company. Soon 38 more stars will be given cars," Bhatia added.

"Some time ago when our team was growing, I told my employees that they were no less than stars. We made rapid growth thereafter. We wanted to make them feel like celebrities. Everyone is a celebrity in my company." the pharma company owner further added.

The Mits Healthcare Director noted that some of the employees who were given a car as part of the pre-Diwali do not even know how to drive. He said that no one had dreamed that the pharma company would gift them a car which surprised the employees.

One of the employees who received the new car, Shilpa said, "I have completed eight years here... I am very happy... When I joined eight years ago, he used to say that he wanted to gift cars to his team...That dream was fulfilled today...."

Mits Healthcare manufactures general range, critical care, orthopedics, gynaecology, dermatology, cosmeceuticals and cardio diabetic related products, reported PTI.

Tea estate owner gifts bikes to employees:

In another such incident, a tea estate owner in Tamil Nadu has gifted Royal Enfield motorcycles to his employees as part of the Diwali bonus. The 190-acre tea estate run by P Sivakumar has around 627 employees, out of which 15 were given the premium bikes as a Diwali gift, according to a report in India Today,

According to a News 18 report, the 15 employees who received Royal Enfield bikes include managers, supervisors, storekeepers, cashiers, field staff and drivers.

Employees offered cars, Royal Enfield bikes as Diwali bonus in Haryana, Tamil Nadu; netizens react
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An employee of the tea estate while talking to PTI said, ''We were never expecting this type of gift. He [the owner] gifted around 15 Royal Enfield bikes whichever we preferred and it is something that I believe nobody will get it, but we got it. We are blessed by his work and the teamwork which we have done.

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