Find your perfect running mate: The ultimate guide for buying running shoes

Find your perfect running mate: The ultimate guide for buying running shoes

Blisters are the worst enemy of a runner.

If you are into running, either as a professional or just as a weekend warrior, what's between your feet and the ground can make or break the whole deal.

When it comes to running shoes, then it is very likely that you are perplexed by the endless options that render you delirious every time you go online shopping or walk past a shoe store.

There is always a fear that lurks within every runner, that they'll end up burning a hole through their pocket for a pair of fancy looking footwear that eventually turn out to be all show and no-go.

So if you want to doge blistered toes and painful shin splints, here are a few pointers that will assist you in making the right decision while purchasing your to-be faithful running companion.

Firstly, go for the shoes that are appropriate for the type of running you do. Durable and impact resistant trainers are the best bet if you prefer to run under the open sky. What might work indoors can turn problematic on the pavement or the tarmac.

Things are not just as simple as walking into a store, trying out five different pairs and swiping your card at the counter. Buying the perfect shoe is much more nuanced than you think. For instance, your feet swell up throughout the course of a day. What might fit perfectly in the morning can get uncomfortable tight by afternoon. So it is always a better idea to go shoe shopping preferably around the evening.

Blisters are the worst enemy of a runner. Those nasty little buzzkills often set in when the shoes are a bit too tight for your liking.

Your feet expand quite a bit as they warm up during a run. Hence, It is usually advised to preemptively buy running shoes that are a wee bit larger than the footwear you use during normal days.

At last, you must understand that shoes can not last for an eternally, especially the ones that go through the immense torture of sustained physical activity. Worn out soles and weakened cushioning can get you in all sorts of trouble. Make it a rule, to change your trainers every 500 kilometers or so. This might sound extravagant but at the same time being a cheapskate can make your feet take an unnecessary beating which could have otherwise been avoided by loosening your pocket at the right time.

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