The Lonely Cloud

The Lonely Cloud

Prose; words in their best order and poetry; the best words in the best order. ~Samuel Taylor Coleridge

" Between the Lines " - Literature Week Celebrations were conducted by the Department of English, of Al Saad Indian School, Al Ain. Poetry Slam was conducted where the children were asked to write their own poems and recite. Prompts were given as the writer's muse and the children did well to come up with some gems. Ann Dileep of Grade 3 of Bhavans Al Ain - captures with a tug to the heart the loneliness of a cloud. And we learn that sadness do not always remain - it is wiped away when we change our perspective and look around to count our blessings.

I roam around, lonely in the sky

Searching for a friend.

Birds fly past me

But they don't seem to see me.

Winds blow and tear me apart,

But they don't seem to care.

My heart feels heavy and I cry.

My tears fall down on the earth.

I hear loud noises, I look down.

I listen to people as they sing and dance with joy.

I stop crying and look around

And I see the most beautiful gift

The sky has given me.

A rainbow.

- Ann Dileep ( Grade 3 A ), Al Saad Indian School.

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