Children have a fun time at Expo 2020 Dubai

Children have a fun time at Expo 2020 Dubai

The kids were seen experiencing a fun time at Expo.

Children are making the most out of the Expo 2020 activities taking part in events and interacting with robots.

The kids were seen experiencing a fun time at Expo.

Gulf Today photographer Kamal Kassim went around the nooks and corners of the event to capture some of the most beautiful pictures.

Kamal said that the weekend saw a massive footfall of visitors.

Stationed near the gate, he saw every family with kids arriving at the mega event.

Childrem were seen playing the Expo 2020 Dubai waterfall.

The Expo 2020 Dubai Water Feature is a big draw.

The waterfall, located in a special area, between Al Wasl Square and Jubilee Park, and it is one of the scenes in this unique global event, especially as it combines water flows and striking fiery formations.

The light show at Al Wasl dome captivated the crowds.

Children are happy to have Expo 2020 passports, and they want to get it stamped at every pavilion they visit.

It was last week that saw the excitement of school students after taking part in a dance event at the German pavilion, rushed to get their passports stamped from the pavilion coordinator.

The organisers said that the Expo 2020 passport is quite popular and is very much in demand.

The passport is considered a souvenir while exploring the 200-plus participating pavilions.

Children have a fun time at Expo 2020 Dubai
Expo 2020 Dubai welcomes over 400,000 visitors in 10 days

The passport encourages visitors to see as many pavilions as possible during the 182-day event, while allowing them to look back and relive the memories of their experiences after they visit, an official said.

The daily events and performances held on the sidelines of the Expo 2020 Dubai exhibition, which are witnessing a large turnout of visitors of different nationalities and ages, continue.

Various shows are held inside the external arenas as well as inside the pavilions of the participating countries, which showcase their latest technologies and inspiring creative experiences in various fields.

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