Kuwait | ‘Exit permits’ issued to expat teachers

Kuwait | ‘Exit permits’ issued to expat teachers

The mid-year school vacation in Kuwait has been scheduled for 45 days amid precautions against the spread of COVID-19.

The Ministry of Education is said to have given permission or rather issued ‘exit permits’ for expatriate teachers to travel to their home countries for mid-term vacation “on their own responsibility,” saying any delay in resuming work during the second semester will be the responsibility of the teacher, similar to what happened with teachers on vacation at the end of last year.

Reliable sources told Al-Seyassah daily that this step will constitute a crisis in terms of securing a stable start for the second semester, which was highlighted by the daily in its yesterday’s issue, warning of an expected shortage in the number of teachers in different specializations, especially if a medical emergency prevents them from returning to the country via transit, which is the only outlet for them to enter the country, in light of the suspension of direct flights due to the repercussions of the “COVID-19” pandemic.

Kuwait | ‘Exit permits’ issued to expat teachers
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The sources pointed out that the school districts have instructed school principals and supervisors to allow teachers to leave provided the teachers bear the full responsibility for travel in the event of being late for the start of work.

The source indicated that the teachers’ travel during this period requires them to go via one of the transit countries (not those on the list of high-risk countries and stay there for a period of approximately 17 days and produce PCR virus-free certificate from the country from which he/she is coming, provided the teacher remains in two weeks mandatory quarantine upon arrival in the country).

Kuwait | ‘Exit permits’ issued to expat teachers
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