A majority of Indians among 30,000 deported from Kuwait in 2022

A majority of Indians among 30,000 deported from Kuwait in 2022

The expats were deported for involvement in criminal cases and violations.

The Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior announced the deportation of 30,000 expatriates outside the country, during the year 2022.

The expats were deported over a variety of crimes and violations, including Monday evening, the most prominent crimes are drug abuse, quarrels, thefts, alcohol production, expiry of residency, and non-compliance with the country’s laws, and some of them are in the public interest.

The total number of men who were deported was 17,000 while women were 13,000. The majority of men deported were Indians— 6,400, Bangladeshis— 3,500 and Egyptians— 3,000.

While the Majority of women deported were Filipinos— 3,000 Sri Lankans— 2,600, Indians— 1,700 and Ethiopians— 1,400.

In addition, 660 people were deported due to “judicial deportation”, and the rest “administrative deportation” as a result of various crimes and violations.

A majority of Indians among 30,000 deported from Kuwait in 2022
Kuwait cancels driving licenses of 1,000 expats in last 40 days

According to Kuwaiti law, a resident may be deported by court ruling in criminal cases, and by an administrative decision from the Ministry of Interior.

In September, Kuwaiti official reports revealed that the country’s population had reached 4.464 million people, by last June, noting that expatriates represented 87 per cent of them.

Since August 2017, Kuwait has started successive government measures to “Kuwaitize jobs”; in order to implement a plan to gradually reduce expatriate workers in the public sector and replace them with Kuwaiti ones within five years.

On September 9, 2021, the Kuwaiti government formed a committee to study mechanisms to address the imbalance in the demographics. The government says it aims to reach 70 percent of the population and 30 percent of expatriates.

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