Kuwait is set to launch its first satellite 'Kuwait Sat-1'

Kuwait is set to launch its first satellite 'Kuwait Sat-1'

In addition to geological information, the satellite's high-definition camera will provide images of the country.

The first Kuwaiti Satellite (Kuwait Sat-1) launched on board a space rocket from the FKM platform.

Kuwait Sat-1 was launched onboard the SpaceX Falcon 9 from the US State of Florida’s Cape Canaveral in an endeavour undertaken by Kuwait University and funded by the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences.

The launch was the culmination of diligent work over the course of the past three years, aiming to harness Kuwait’s capabilities in the field of building and designing satellites and to provide them with the necessary training and field experience.

Kuwait is set to launch its first satellite 'Kuwait Sat-1'
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Operator Director at the National Project for the first Kuwaiti Satellite Dr Ahmed Al-Kandari said that once the Kuwait Sat-1reached its designated orbit, it would disengage from the rocket and spread its wings containing solar-powered batteries that would enable it to operate, adding that the satellite would be able to send its first message in four hours and two minutes after launch with the signal received at a station in Kuwait University.

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