5 things you didn’t know you could do on a cruise

5 things you didn’t know you could do on a cruise

A plethora of world-class dining, living, and entertainment offerings will keep one enthralled

Sipping a glass of bubbly while gazing into the wide expanse of the deep blue ocean from a hot tub, or partaking in elaborate high-tea soirees on the deck with a breathtaking backdrop of a flaming sunset over tropical coast-lines might be just some of the first flashes through your mind when you think of vacations at sea. Cruising today, however, offers much more! The variety of options onboard will surpass all your wildest imaginations, adding value to the time and lives of cruise travelers. A plethora of world-class dining, living, and entertainment offerings will keep one enthralled for days and make your next holiday an experience to cherish.

Here are five exciting activities a cruise ship offers today that match the pace with the demands of a new-age world traveller:

1. Defend lost cities playing laser tag: Yes, you read it right! This glow-in-the-dark laser-tag adventure on the ship transports you into an artificially created parallel world of quick-footed excitement, good marksmanship amidst a prism of dancing lights. While some cruise liners have a dedicated laser tag arena, others host the show across different venues on the ship, especially to enthrall the crowd at night. Aboard some Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) ships, guests can discover the secrets of the past in the resurrected lost city of Atlantis, where laser tag meets augmented reality.

2. Overtake your friends and family Go-karting: Seems impossible on a ship, right? Not on the cruise liners sprawling across thousands of square feet. Some cruise ships have onboard extensive go-karting tracks with electric-powered race cars for guests who feel the need for speed as they float in the middle of an ocean. NCL’s Norwegian Encore recently unveiled its“Speedway” the largest and most thrilling racetrack of the fleet at 1,150 feet! With 10 exhilarating turns and four points that extend up to 13 feet over the side of the ship, go-karters aboard can zoom through the ride of their life on their cruise vacation.

3. Entertainment options: No one does entertainment like cruise ships these days! They offer some of the most innovative global entertainment options ranging from Broadway, music, and comedy live shows to the best clubs. NCL provides guests world-class shows like the Tony Award®-winning musical ‘Kinky Boots’; the vibrant ‘The Choir of Man’; the interactive cocktails and theater show ‘Happy Hour Prohibition: The Musical’; and the guests’ favorite ‘The Cavern Club’ that transports audiences back to the legendary Liverpool Club with live musical performances from a Beatles cover band.

4. Immerse yourself in virtual worlds: You can be aboard a ship and yet be transported to any part of the world through the magical make-belief world of virtual reality. NCL features a nearly 10,000-square foot facility, Galaxy Pavillion, offering immersive virtual reality experiences and thrilling simulator rides.

5 things you didn’t know you could do on a cruise
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5. Indulge in Multiple Dining options from around the world, around the clock: All top cruise liners offer a decadent dining experience with multi-specialty cuisines served across a range of fine-dining restaurants. Le Bistro for gourmet French cuisine, Onda by Scarpetta for authentic Italian fare, and Los Lobos for sizzling Mexican favorites are a few specialty dining options at NCL, which has revolutionized the dining experience at sea by introducing freestyle dining. Guests can dine where they want, whenever they want – with multiple 24/7 options available, and they don’t even need to follow a dress code!

Cruising has come a long way from a time that allowed its visitors to cut off from the world and soak in the exclusive experience in the little oasis at sea. Today, guests are spoilt for choice and can alternate between delightful days staying onboard, visiting port towns to tick of bucket list attractions, disconnecting from the world completely, or staying connected to any part of the world through technology.

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