THE LOOP: Dubai’s 93km climate-controlled highway revealed

THE LOOP: Dubai’s 93km climate-controlled highway revealed

Dubai's new highway named "The LOOP" will soon host new hotels, urban parks, vertical farms and sports facilities.

Dubai is soon to have a 93km sustainable urban highway called ‘THE LOOP’.

Dubai-based sustainable city development company, URB aims to create the world’s first enclosed circular structure around the city.

The new highway aimed to connect more than 3 million residents to key services and locations within minutes by walking and cycling.

URB recently released images of ‘THE LOOP’, showing an enclosed structure that would circle the city, connecting all of Dubai’s densest areas.

Several wellness hotels can be located along its snaking structure, designed as a center for wellness tourism. The developers plan to cater to all types of travelers with luxury, mid-range and affordable hotels. There will also be fitness stations and sports fields.

THE LOOP: Dubai’s 93km climate-controlled highway revealed
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The project also includes several entry and exit points to connect to different communities, public spaces and existing paths, as well as the use of “100 per cent renewable energy using kinetic energy”, while all water is recycled for irrigation.

This versatile utopia includes lush parks and vertical farming projects that help maintain food security in the surrounding areas.

The project is currently in the research and development stage, but if approved, it could form an important part of the city’s plans to reduce car dependency by enabling city dwellers to walk or bike to essential amenities within minutes of their homes.

‘THE LOOP’ project is in line with the emirate’s ambition to become a 20-minute city, allowing residents to reach destinations and necessities within 20 minutes on foot or by bike.

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