'RRR' at Golden Globes 2023: Decoding the chances of SS Rajamouli's epic

'RRR' at Golden Globes 2023: Decoding the chances of SS Rajamouli's epic

Also the winners of Globes are chosen by a coterie of journalists (the aforementioned HFPA).

Golden Globes 2023: SS Rajamouli's 'RRR' was a huge hit in India and even earned respectable money through a limited release in overseas markets like North America and Europe. But it was the Netflix release worldwide that catapulted the film from the 'mildly popular' category to a worldwide sensation. One of the film's songs 'Naatu Naatu' has become something of a phenomenon across the world, with thousands of people recreating the song's choreography and sharing it on social media sites. Everyone from comedians to actors to filmmakers in Hollywood has found themselves transfixed by the audacious action of the film and the direction of Rajamouli. The director had similarly enjoyed rapturous responses the world over for his 'Baahubali' movies, though 'RRR' arguably has an even bigger impact.

What is 'RRR' all about?

'RRR' follows two real-life revolutionaries who took on the might of the British Empire in the early 20th century. Alluri Sitarama Raju (Charan) and Komaram Bheem (Rama Rao) join forces in 1920 to fight the colonialists. Ajay Devgn, Alia Bhatt, Shriya Saran, Samuthirakani, Ray Stevenson, Alison Doody, and Olivia Morris were also in the cast of 'RRR'. 

Has 'RRR' been nominated in the Golden Globes?

Yes. The film has scored two nominations: in the Best Non-English Language Film and Best Original Song categories. Rajamouli, Rao Jr, and Charan will be present at the Golden Globes 2023 event.

How did 'RRR' become such a humongous success?

Rajamouli has always been an expert at crafting cinematic set pieces. We saw that ability play a big part in the 'Baahubali' movies. He is extremely careful about the technical aspects of his films. That done, he creates sequences that may not follow logic, and they are not meant to, but are wildly entertaining once you surrender your faculties to the film. He makes no pretence of creating action that follows the laws of physics or any such thing. He delivers crazy, outlandish, gravity and logic-defying spectacle that you have to enjoy on his own terms. 'RRR' is the most Rajamouli-ish Rajamouli has ever been. In India, the film was quite a big hit, but we have seen such big, masala-stuffed films before, though nothing on that scale. 

The rest of the world? They hadn't. And the movie being available on Netflix made sure the commitment to watch the admittedly fairly long movie wasn't that big. And they simply fell under the spell cast by Rajamouli. As per author and 'Doctor Strange' co-screenwriter C. Robert Cargill 'RRR' "is a level of spectacle that defies description."

What chances 'RRR' has in Golden Globes 2023?

The answer to this question is not simple. The Indian government chose Pan Nalin's Gujarati film 'Chhello Show' as an official entry for the Oscars in the 'Best Foreign Film' category, but that has not deterred Rajamouli and his backers in the US. They have become even more enthusiastic about the film's chances in major categories including Best Director and Best Picture. 

That was the Oscars. But the movie did not sadly get nominated in the top categories of Golden Globes, like Best Picture, Best Director, and so on. And the awards, organised and presented by Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA), do often seem to have an effect on the ultimate outcome of the Academy Awards. While Golden Globes awards movies and shows and individuals for best work in the decided duration, the Oscars are exclusively for films. 

Also the winners of Globes are chosen by a coterie of journalists (the aforementioned HFPA). Oscar winners are chosen by a jury. This is one of the reasons the Oscars have a better reputation (though the Will Smith-Chris Rock incident in March, 2022 did dent the Academy's reputation).

'RRR' at Golden Globes 2023: Decoding the chances of SS Rajamouli's epic
Oscars 2023: What RRR Makers Tweeted About Naatu Naatu Being First Indian Song On Shortlist

So what are the chances? The best chance for the Rajamouli film is 'Naatu Naatu'. A truly amazingly choreographed song with a catchy tune, it has captured the imagination of millions around the world. It may even be the best-known thing about the film. There are few other songs in the category that stand a chance against 'Naatu Naatu'.

When it comes to the other category in which the film is nominated, Best Non-English Language Film, the acclaimed German anti-war film 'All Quiet on the Western Front' may play spoilsport for 'RRR'. There is also Park Chan-wook's 'Decision to Leave', which is also a widely-praised film. 

So while the Best Original Song category looks nearly certain, the other category is less so. Also, Golden Globes, more than the Oscars, are known to be more unpredictable, though more so in the TV categories. With the ceremony a little more than 10 days away, our questions and curiosities are soon going to be answered. For more coverage of the Golden Globes, stay tuned.

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