What are you selling ? 

What are you selling ? 

Life - from emotions to materials - its all about buying and selling !

Over the years, my approach to anyone trying to sell something to me has changed.

In the past, I would listen to what was being said, and would have the words 'what are you selling' playing cynically in my head. Like a corporate master playing a mind game - you are not supposed to sell anything to me, so I will be watching you. If I hear anything that smacks of a pitch, I will smirk indicating that I have found you out.

One day, I got it right back. A gent slowly transitioned from casual talk to a proposition. When I proclaimed that I have caught him selling, he replied, "Everyone is always selling something Arshad. You are also selling me why this proposition is not interesting to you".

I am now much more welcoming with folks who want to meet me for a casual chat, although I fully know that they also have a little sell. So what if they have an agenda?

As compared to the past, I am much more empathetic to the narrative that one is presenting. What I mean by this is that even if I don't need that product or service, if I can squeeze in the time, I listen intently to how they go about it. Most times, I learn something that I never knew before. My response "I am not buying anything that you are selling. But I really liked the way you put it together" has a much more positive ring to it as compared to a sarcastic "Nice Try".

The next time someone is waiting outside your door, instead of drooping your shoulder, tell yourself - Selling is how life goes about. Everyone is always selling something.

I can already hear my wife saying, "I would like you listen empathetically to what I have in mind for the weekend".


Arshad is Managing Partner of Karma & Co, a boutique consulting firm based out of Goa that creates programs for workforce transformation and organization effectiveness. You can read more of his work and thoughts on Karma-and.co

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